Affected residents ''greedy' for a previous quality of life

Feb 16, 2012 Harold and Shirley Knight Pavillion


After reading in The Ranger about the meeting with Gov. Mead, we feel the need to comment on some of the points made.

Mr. Dolbow stated that only three wells out of 39 tested were suspicious, but in fact there are more that have contamination in them. He said the water out here has been historically bad forever, we have lived here for 35 years and have always had good water and know of many people who also have good water. Before the drilling got so intense, when a person referred to bad water, it was usually because of the hardness in their water.

He also mentioned that one of the wells that was so affected had always been bad, and we know by conversations with his dad that he was referring to the Meeks well. When we moved here and bought the store in Pavillion we looked at buying that property and tasted the water, and it was good. Then in the early 1990s went to work for the school district and Donna Meeks would supply us with gallons of water from her well. It was good then and we never suffered from any heath problems.

As to the statements that Mr. Christensen (who is our county commissioner) said about his well being good, that's great, but he doesn't have oil or gas wells at his front door or windows he looks out of either. He said of the people who are complaining, "if you follow the money trail, it's just a few greedy people."

Mr. Dolbow and Mr Christensen, may only concerned about the loss of their properly value. But they still have their health and can use their water to drink, bathe, grow a garden.

ln Wyoming, if you don't own the mineral rights on your property, you don't have much to say about what goes on beneath your soil.

We know most all of the affected people and would say that if they are "greedy," it is for the quality of life they had before "fracking." They are most concerned about their health and being able to go to the sink, get a glass of water, cook with it, and bathe without having to open a window. Remember if you lose your health and quality of water, no amount of money is going to bring that back.

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