My first fish in three years was a sucker

Jul 8, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Fishing is becoming a new hobby of mine this summer.

My first step was going down and getting a fishing license to make it legal. I got my one-year license in April.

I usually don't get a year license because I only go fishing one or two times a year, but this is the year I want to start to become a more serious fisherman.

Things didn't start out so well. On my fishing license my name is spelled Bruce Tibbets, and it says that I weigh 150 pounds. Both wrong.

I didn't notice the mistakes until I went out the next day with my newspaper coworker Kim Rogers. He decided that it would be best if we were at Boysen Reservoir by 7 a.m.

We were there on time. It was still a little chilly outside because it was at the end of April.

The early morning start didn't bring us any luck.

MY next fishing trip was last month, when I went with my parents to Boysen on the family boat.

I spent at least four hours with them, but we didn't come home with any fish.

One we didn't catch anything is that we didn't have any worms. My father usually gets his worms at a store outside of Shoshoni, but it was closed.

We decided to try the store at the marina, but that place was closed as well. We went the fishing trip without any worms.

We could see the fish in the lake on the depth finder, but we just couldn't figure out how to pull them in. My bad luck continued.

With my confidence level going nowhere, it was time to ask my friend Jason Wood if I could go along and see what it's like to see somebody actually catch a fish.

The trip was planned for late Monday afternoon at Louis Lake.

Wood had three of his daughters Natalie (10), Melanie (8), Heidi (6) and his dog Bella go so they could show me what a real family fishing trip was like.

Wood knew my background and my fishing luck, so I didn't have to claim that I knew what I was doing.

It turned out that my luck changed at Louis Lake.

It was early into our trip that I caught my first fish of the season with a worm on my hook.

I didn't even notice the fish was on my hook until it was close by me and we could see it move around.

The fish was a 12-inch sucker, which was disappointing. Wood threw the fish back in the lake because I thought I was going to catch more fish before we headed home. That sucker was the first fish I had caught in at least three years, and it was the only one for me on Monday.

Wood caught five fish. We fished for several hours into the night. Wood kept an 11-inch rainbow trout that we ate for lunch the next day.

My goal this summer is to go at least three more times and catch one or two more fish.

I want to learn how to get a fish off the hook and be able to clean one all by myself but I have to catch one first. I want to make catching fish a normal thing instead of doing it once every three years.

It can be done.

I just need to have the luck with me at all times.

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