Tuesday notes

Jul 10, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Cooler stuff

Statistically speaking, July is the warmest month of the year in the Wind River Basin.

Our area usually tops 90 degrees about 35 days every summer, most of them in July. So any time we can get a nice, cool respite such as the one in the days that followed the Fourth of July, it's welcome.

It heated up again Monday, but there is a noticeable difference between 93 and 99 -- and between 68 and 58 at night. Keep cool, everyone.

Growling cub

The Bear Cub Fire has a cuddly name, but it's not something most people will want to get close to. Fremont County's first big wildfire of this very dangerous fire season is here. It roared up from 300 acres to more than 6,000 in a little more than a day.

It is in a remote part of the county and is unlikely to threaten any structures, but the Dubois Valley has filled with smoke a few times already, and as the fire devours the trees killed by bark beetles it could get a lot bigger. Good news came Tuesday when cooler, wetter weather slowed the fire's growth a lot.

This is awfully early in the year for these big fires, which are more likely to emerge in August most years.

Rendezvous time

The fortnight of Riverton Rendezvous is beginning. The Rendezvous in Park, demolition derby, Music on the River Walk, Wrangler Classic and modelers park fly-in are part of the weekend schedule.

For our part, The Ranger starts the annual Rendezvous Balloon Block Treasure Hunt this Thursday, July 12. Watch for daily clues in the newspaper guiding you closer to the hiding place of the old-fashioned block of newspaper lettering spelling "BALLOON."

A new twist this year involves our online readers at There are seven printed clues published, but our online subscribers can find an extra clue online. The bonus clue won't be posted until next week, so anyone who signs up for an online subscription by July 16 will be able to see it.

If you subscribe to the printed edition, you can get full access to at no extra charge. And the online edition, the e-Dition and one-day access are offered at lower prices.

Happy hunting -- in the paper, online and in the field.

Buckskin in July

On a related note, the annual 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous southeast of Riverton at the confluence of the Wind and Little Wind rivers wrapped up over the weekend.

It takes real commitment to wear buckskin clothing when it's 99 degrees outside, but the modern-day mountain men did it for authenticity and the entertainment of spectators. Congratulations to the 1838ers for another fun event down by the river.

Thou in the Dow

In August, the bottom fell out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average when a big credit rating agency dropped the rating of the United States from the uppermost level to the second-highest. The day after, we invited readers to imagine investing $1,000 in a fund based on the daily rise of fall of the Dow.

Had you put a "thou in the Dow" on that day 11 months ago, as of Tuesday it would have grown to $1,133.88.


Apparently, 30 years old is still young enough to play the best tennis in the world. Both Serena Williams and Roger Federer proved the point in recent days at the famed Wimbledon tennis tournament in England.

Sports can make young people seem old well before their time, and it was particularly heartening to see Federer, written off as a has-been after the rise of the two great younger players, Djokovich and Nadal, emerge as the Wimbledon champ for the seventh time in a career generally regarded as the best in the sport's history.

CBT still ailing

Longtime Ranger new staff member Carolyn B. Tyler, who covers the Riverton school board, handles our obituaries, writes general-assignment news and feature stories, and has written more than 7,200 columns for The Ranger, continues to ail.

She's been moved to a Casper hospital for further treatment and speaks optimistically of a return to work this summer. The power of positive thinking has served her well in the past, and it's a great ally for her today.

Statehood day

Something good happened 122 years ago today. Wyoming joined the union as the 44th of the United States. Happy birthday, Wyoming, and here's to a good week.

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