Next time you're interviewed, make it known that your 'passion bucket' is full

Jan 31, 2012 Craig Blumenshine

I can't wait for the Super Bowl... to end.

Because then we will know whether the winning team's "passion bucket" was full.

If you know what I'm talking about, then you are a fan of Dan Pugh, better-known as Dan Patrick, the former ESPN "Sports Center" and ESPN Radio personality who now contributes to Sports Illustrated, has his own syndicated radio show, the "Dan Patrick Show," and is a co-host of NBC's Football Night In America.

You probably remember, "Welcome to the big show," when he and co-host Keith Olbermann would host "Sports Center."

But now Patrick is primarily in radio, and his daily show is awfully good. His guests are the A-listers of sports and entertainment. "The Dan Patrick Show," which started in the attic of the Patrick home, is now broadcast from his man cave, a toy-filled studio in Milford, Conn., with the Danettes, Paulie, Fritzie, Seaton, and McLovin (executive producers Paul Pabst and Todd Fritz, operations director Patrick "Seton" O'Connor, and Sports Illustrated blogger Andrew "McLovin" Perloff).

The group joshes endlessly with Patrick, and their banter about sports and current-day topics is very funny. Unlike other sports shows that find a theme for the day to repeat every 15 minutes, the three-hour long DP Show is fresh. It has has 2.5 million listeners and viewers. If you have Direct TV or Fox Sports, you can watch the show live daily.

Now, back to the passion bucket.

In 2008, former UCLA Bruins head football coach Rick Neuheisel said on Dan's show that "when you're at UCLA, you have to have your passion bucket full when you play the (USC) Trojans."

Patrick liked the term and has encouraged famous athletes to drop the "passion bucket" line while being interviewed by others, and especially when being interviewed by Patrick's former employer ESPN (to whom Patrick refers as "The Mothership").

Jerome "The Bus" Bettis did not drop the passion bucket line in his interview with ESPN last week after promising Patrick that he would.

"He even wrote it down," Patrick said, as he tossed his Bettis-autographed football in the trash can.

But if you listen closely, you'll hear the term every now and then. You know ESPN hates it.

So, Patrick and the Danettes have been prodding guests all week long to drop the "passion bucket" line if the opportunity presents itself after the Super Bowl on Sunday,

Patrick, you see, gets to present the trophy to the winning coach and team in his role with NBC, which has the rights to this year's Super Bowl.

Also on the DP Show this week is talk on whether ESPN will use any possible camera angle it can to not have Patrick in the video that the cable sports giant will use when reporting on the trophy presentation. Patrick claims that's exactly what happened two years ago, when he had the same trophy presenter role.

Ahh, the Super Bowl. This one is projected to be the most-watched sports show in TV history.

I'm looking forward to Matthew Broderick's (aka Ferris Bueller's) ad. "How can I handle work on a day like today?" he asks. Time for a "Ferris Bueller 2" (as long as Jennifer Grey is included).

Wait, is there a game too?

Icing on the cake.

Have a great sports week. Go Big Red!

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