District 25 ups sub pay, standards

Feb 17, 2012 By Carolyn B. Tyler Staff Writer

A new three-tier program, designed to ensure high-quality substitutes in the classrooms, will be implemented in Fremont County School District 25 on March 12.

The Riverton school board unanimously approved the proposal by superintendent Terry Snyder at the meeting Feb. 7.

Snyder said the new plan is designed to meet expectations in the classrooms.

Tier 1 is what the district has been using. The substitute is required to have a professional teacher standards board "substitute certificate" either through college transcript verification of 65-plus credit hours of successful completion of the BOCES class.

All new substitutes must take the Wonderlic Basic Skills test, regardless of how they qualify for the substitute certificate. Pay will be $90 a day, which is a $10 increase.

In Tier 1, long-term sub pay begins at 10 consecutive days substituting for the same teacher. That pay is $100 a day.

Tier 2, under the new plan, is for substitutes with a bachelor's degree or at least 45 days of substitute experience within the previous 12 calendar months or three years of paraprofessional experience with District 25 and successful completion of the district's substitute training program. Pay is $115 a day.

Snyder said this tier is designed to properly compensate "highway reliable subs we use all the time, but who are not certified teachers ... We want to reward these quality, reliable people." Longterm pay is $125 a day.

Snyder said Tier 3 is designed to take advantage of the many retired teachers in the community who are still familiar with district policies, practices and students and who are interested in continuing within the district.

This incorporated certified teachers with current PTSB certificates and pay starts at $140 a day, going to $150 a day for long-term pay. Extra-LT pay kicks in at day 45 with a daily prorated amount for the first-year teacher base pay $239.

Snyder said that substitute pay currently ranges from $80 a day to $105 for extra-longterm.

Under the new plan, a substitute teacher's skill, experience and background is given consideration on the salary plan.

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