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Jul 22, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

There are lots of ways -- and reasons

The Fremont County Fair Parade is six days away. There are many ways to be part of it, and many reasons as well.

The fair parade, like the fair itself, serves as an annual glimpse of our county's people in the summer of the year. It's a slice of life presentation, something of an annual state of the county exercise.

It is a countywide event. This is not the Lander Pioneer Days Parade. It is not the Riverton Homecoming Parade. It is our only countywide parade.

And it needs you.

We always urge participation in the big parade, because it's important that it be entered, attended and otherwise supported as an essential part of our community's tradition.

Simply put, we need the fair parade, and we need it to be good.

In times when increasing numbers of us occupy ourselves with inner pursuits and isolated activities tied to smartphones, computers, headphones and video games, occasions to get out and about with our fellow Fremont Countians seem fewer and fewer.

The fair parade is one such chance, and it ought not be neglected.

This year's parade begins at 6 p.m. Saturday, July 28, on Main Street in downtown Riverton.

There are many avenues to entry in the parade. Ride your horse and carry a flag. Drive your piece of farm machinery or your business vehicle. Assemble a group from your church or your service club. Gather up the staff from your school or your place of employment.

It's all-star baseball season. Get the team together, in uniform, for the parade. March the cheerleaders, the pep club, the honor society or the drill team. People will clap and cheer. Guaranteed.

Field an entry for the community band, or the square dance group, or the church choir.

It's an election year. If you're running for office, then show yourself at the parade. If you have a convertible or pickup truck, invite a local dignitary to ride.

Put on a costume from the past. Tie your attire to the fair theme, "The Best Days of Summer."

Buzz around on your scooter, your dirt bike, your chopper hog, or behind the wheel of your classic car.

Having a family reunion? Then enter the parade and greet the old hometown. Ditto with class reunions, which often take place this time of year.

Why not build a float? It's simple, really. You need a trailer, a crew and an idea.

Make some noise, either with an engine, a siren, a machine, some drums or a line of horns. Take the opportunity to sound off when nobody will mind.

Think of history -- your own, your family's, your church's, your club's, your company's and your town's. Find a way to demonstrate an interesting part of it in the parade.

Be silly if you want. We've all seen the lawnmower brigades, the patio-furniture choreographers, the kazoo bands and the Hula-Hoopers. People watching a parade want to be entertained, so take the challenge.

If you're an elected official, the parade needs you. Let's see all the mayors, the legislators, the commissioners, the council members.

All the world's a stage, so show off your talents. Do you sing? Dance? Jump rope? Play an instrument? Juggle? Can you balance a baseball bat on your head? Stand on your hands? Do wheelies on your bike? Show off in the parade.

It's easy to assume that the fair parade will simply go on forever, organized, attended and entered by "somebody else." In fact, it can flourish only with the continuing support and enthusiasm of everyone.

If you can enter the parade, please do it. Contact parade coordinator Mary Ellen Christensen at 851-5432, stop by the Riverton Chamber of Commerce office at 213 W. Main, or call the the Fremont County Fair Office at 856-6611. We'll also have entry forms at The Ranger office at 421 E. Main in Riverton, and at the Lander Journal office 332 Main.

The form is easy to fill out, and it costs nothing to enter. Entry deadline is Friday, July 27.

If you can't enter the parade, then sponsor an entry. If you can't sponsor an entry, then attend the parade. Any way you can, please be apart of it when Main Street in Riverton becomes a parade ground to show off the best Fremont County has to offer.

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