CBT was 'steady as she goes'

Jul 24, 2012 By Dave Bonner

It seems out of place to relate in nautical terms a remembrance of Carolyn Tyler, native Nebraskan who adopted Wyoming's high, dry prairies.

Yet, she is the true reflection of "steady as she goes." The seafarer understands "steady as she goes" to mean steer only as needed to continue a current heading. My invocation of "steady" is meant to underscore consistency.

For 51 years of newspapering at The Ranger, Carolyn Tyler was the epitome of consistency. Steady and dependable. Unflappable. Firm.

I worked alongside Carolyn in the Ranger newsroom 50 years ago in my first job as a Wyoming journalist. I learned from her quiet example the importance of observing deadlines and finishing a job at an appointed time because others were counting on it. I learned that even the "little things" had to get done in order for the paper to meet its schedule, and there was no such thing as "that's not my job." If somebody had to step up, Carolyn Tyler was there to hold the course.

After four decades of publishing my own newspaper, I have come to appreciate more than ever the primary lessons I gleaned from Carolyn in my early days on the job.

I also marveled then, and now, at her productivity. Off and on over the years, I have written a local column, in addition to news writing and editorial responsibilities. I must admit my column appeared in spurts. It is just plain difficult to sustain a personal column week in and week out. Carolyn Tyler did it for some 50 years, writing two and three columns a week. That is in itself monumental. And the fact that she did it while contributing in all aspects of Ranger newsgathering in Fremont County simply adds to the enormity of the feat.

Anyone in this business prizes reliability. Carolyn Tyler showed up every day and in every way. Steady as she goes.

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