'Bedazzled Bra' contest shares proceeds

Aug 1, 2012 Staff

Amid cans of peaches, baked bread, and homemade quilts at the Fremont County fair this year is a new exhibit, "bedazzled bras."

The display for public judging at the fairgrounds showcases bras decorated from a range of themes including the beach, fruit, football teams, and glitter.

Fair superintendent Linda Richendifer said the bra creators wanted to remain anonymous but did not hold back on creativity.

"This is a fun exhibit that a lot of people have enjoyed looking at," Richendifer said.

Each bra has a number attached to it. Spectators vote by number according to which one they like the best. Those judging are asked to place a quarter in a corresponding water bottle attached to the number on the bra.

All the proceeds go to support breast cancer awareness and treatment.

The bras will be on display until Friday, Aug. 3 at the Fremont Center, where the winner will be announced.

-- Emily Etheredge

Carnival up and running

After several days of setting up, the Royal West carnival opened Tuesday night at the Fremont County Fairgrounds and will run for the duration of the week.

Royal West's popular rides have been a mainstay of the fair for decades. The carnival offers a variety of mobile attractions suitable to all levels of thrill-seeking: for adrenaline junkies, there's the Zipper, which spins passengers upside down while flying them high in the air, or the Gravitron, a G-force-themed ride in the form of a flying saucer, bring much needed excitement.

For younger fairgoers or those disinclined to lose their lunches, obstacle courses, a funhouse, slides, and the beloved teacups are available as well, along with myriad prize booths and cotton candy vendors along the main carnival strip.

The Royal West carnival has been operating for 48 years. After changing hands in 2008, the attraction came under the management of current Idaho-based owners Todd and Becky Keenan. Among other venues, Royal West also caters to the Western Montana Fair, the North Idaho State Fair, and the Clark County Fair in Las Vegas.

-- Robert H. Peck

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