Smith runs for full term on Riverton City Council

Aug 12, 2012 By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

Riverton City Council Ward 2 councilman Todd Smith wants "to keep fighting for the citizens of Riverton."

Elected in 2010 to fill an unexpired two-year term, Smith is running for a full four-year term on the council in the Aug. 21 primary election against candidates Lee Martinez and Sarah Kalbach.

The top two finishers will advance to the Nov. 6 general election.

"I want to look for ways to shrink the government," Smith said. "Keep it small and answerable to the people."

If elected to serve as a councilman for the second time, Smith said he hopes to address the outsourcing of city park mowing and reducing the mow time from three times a week per park to once a week per park.

"It seems to me there is a great disconnect between the public sector and the private sector," Smith said. "The city could save money by hiring out. Perhaps there are other ways we could outsource some of the items the city currently does to save money."

In the two years Smith has been on the council, he said he has found it a pleasure to serve Riverton's citizens, and he enjoys hearing from constituents on issues and concerns about the city.

"My father, Terry Smith, is one of my heroes when it comes to politics," Smith said. "That is the one issue that always gets discussed when we are on the phone together. He tells me, 'A man who votes himself a tax increase is an idiot,' and this often guides my thinking."

Smith said if he were elected to serve again, he would question more issues that come in front of the council.

"I think rather than simply be quick to approve all recommendations that come before us, question more," Smith said.

Born and raised in Pinehurst, Idaho, Smith and his family moved to Fremont County in 2000. They lived in Lander until 2005, and then relocated to Riverton.

Smith, 43, runs a small family lawn care business with wife Melissa and their four children.

"My son, Thomas started the business when he was 14 and on May 1 it became my full-time job," Smith said. "I believe in small, limited government. Elected officials are public servants. They serve the public, not themselves or special interests."

Smith said he sought his family's input on his political future.

"We actually took a vote at my house on whether I should run for council again," Smith said. "My wife and children outvoted me on that question so I am running for a second time."

Smith said he would like voters to know they can contact him at any time, and he is willing to listen to their concerns.

"I enjoy hearing from people," Smith said.

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Riverton City Councilman Todd Smith

Riverton City Councilman Todd Smith

Riverton City Councilman Todd Smith

Riverton City Councilman Todd Smith

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