Now that the kids are busy with activities, what should we do?

Aug 14, 2012 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

So often in this space, we prop up the activities that are available for our youth. And, right now, there are plenty, especially as fall approaches.

For example, our young kids are gearing up for fall seasons of soccer, junior football, youth swimming and track.

If you are the parent of a middle school or a high school student, then you should be aware of the many, many options available for your kids with the large array of athletics and activities that are commencing again as another school year starts.

We've given plenty of ink on how important it is to have your kids involved in team activities. The growth your children can experience by being part of a team is truly priceless. If you can, get them involved this year.

For moms and dads with kids in school, there is plenty to keep you hopping to nearly Thanksgiving making sure your kids get from activity point A to athletic event point B. Your effort is worth more than you might imagine.

But for those of us whose kids are grown, where do we find out new ideas of things to try? There is a gem of information that The Ranger keeps for you and it is just a click away on our website at On the left side of your screen, click on the "community calendar" link.

Besides information about public meetings, school dates and the like, there is a treasure trove of events that we can learn more about and even participate in. Just like a kid participating in sports, these are opportunities for us to grow too.

The community calendar at is free for you to use.

Just this week, there is information about hikes, concerts, rodeos, powwows, reading workshops, museum speakers, farmers markets, quilt festivals, triathlons and square dancing.

Although some events have a cost, it's almost always very affordable, and we have found that many of the events are free or nearly free to participate in.

So often, the hardest thing to do is making that first inquiry when we have decided to try something new.

On The Ranger's site, there is usually a phone number and an e-mail contact where you can learn how to take part in the activity that is listed.

If you have events that you want your friends and neighbors to know about, click the link at the top of the calendar, fill out the electronic form, and we'll get it online for you.

Just as activities are important for kids, they are important for us adults too.

A new activity can bring fun and added joy to our lives. Happiness is a good thing, and trying new activities can be a great way to relieve stress while learn something new.

The response to our website at has been overwhelming.

Remember if you subscribe to the Ranger, there is no extra cost for you take advantage of all of the features on our site any time, day or night.

And for everyone, there is that little gem of a community calendar link. Click it. It could literally change your life.

Have a great sports week! Go Big Red!

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