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Faubion to run against Mahoney in Riverton 1

Aug 17, 2012 By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

Wyoming native Jonathan Faubion said he understands Wyoming values, and he demonstrates his commitment to the city through areas of service.

"I have been dedicated to public service my entire life," Faubion said. "Since moving to Riverton six years ago, I have served, among others in Riverton, Rotary, Paws, Fremont County Recreation, and my wife and I had the pleasure of serving as king and queen of the Wild West Winter Carnival last year."

Faubion is running for Riverton City Council Ward 1 in an uncontested race against current council member Diana Mahoney. After the Tuesday, Aug. 21, primary election, both candidates will advance to the general election Nov. 6.

Faubion said he has always thought if you are going to live in a place, you should work to improve it.

"I believe serving on the city council represents another way to help improve our city," Faubion said.

One of Faubion's goals if elected is to improve Riverton's economic diversity by courting businesses and getting them to relocate to the area. Faubion said he thinks a council member with an eye on business can help weigh the impact council members have on businesses in Riverton.

"Housing is also a problem in Riverton," Faubion said. "For young families and single professionals in the lower- to middle-income brackets, it is difficult to find suitable housing for specific needs, especially in the rental market."

As an entrepreneur, Faubion said he would like to take a hard look at how changing the budgeting process and streamlining administrative activities could produce significant savings and discourage unnecessary spending.

Faubion said he would also like to take a fresh look at the way public intoxication is handled in Riverton.

"According to the July 2012 Fremont Alcohol Crisis Center report, 92 percent of the intakes were repeat intakes," Faubion said. "This high rate makes it obvious the current system is not a meaningful way of reducing intoxication in Fremont County."

Faubion said he is confident the citizens of Fremont County can work together to come up with a humane, fair and effective solution, and he is encouraged with the work Riverton chief of police Mike Broadhead has done in hosting community discussions.

"Finding a more successful solution to intoxication in Riverton will reduce violence, improve the quality of life, and likely result in significant cost savings," Faubion said.

He said he was compelled to run for council because Riverton is the place he has chosen to raise his family.

"I think it is a good place for families," Faubion said. "I would like to see us make Riverton safer and more family friendly with an economic foundation that encourages our youth to return here to raise their families."

Faubion, 32, started his chiropractic practice in Riverton in 2006. Two years later he joined Main Street Chiropractic. He has a wife, Rayne, and a 2-year-old daughter.

Faubion said because of the nature of his practice, he is able to talk with his patients about Riverton, and he takes mental notes about the issues they bring up. He said he wants to address some of their concerns.

"I am interested in listening to and serving the citizens of Riverton to make our city better," Faubion said.

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Jonathon Faubion

Jonathon Faubion

Jonathon Faubion

Jonathon Faubion

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