Paws suggests 5-year plan to expand shelter

Aug 19, 2012 By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

Paws for Life animal league is looking to expand its Riverton animal adoption center.

Kathy Hooper, the Paws for Life president, submitted a letter to the Riverton City Council, the contents of which were discussed at the work session Tuesday.

Paws secretary and treasurer Kent Moss addressed council members and said the group would like to lay the groundwork for the potential expansion of the shelter.

"We would like to get a commitment in terms of how everything is going to work," Moss said. "We would also like to know if the city would like to take over the ownership of the new structure and know where we stand with everything."

He said Paws for Life would raise all the funds necessary for a building expansion, but the organization wanted to know if the city would be willing to incur additional costs.

"As we begin the planning for this process, it is our intention to pursue a grant through the Wyoming Business Council for a feasibility study," Hooper said. "This grant will have to be submitted through the City of Riverton as required by the WBC. Paws for Life will prepare the application and provide the required match but will be asking the city to administer the grant if awarded."

Mayor Ron Warpness said a feasibility study is the first step to see how much land the shelter would need.

"The animal shelter is a godsend to the animals in this community," Warpness said. "I remember when I was on the council, we put down over 700 animals.

"I think speaking for council as a whole, we would be supportive of the feasibility study to see where we are with everything."

City administrator Steven Weaver asked if the shelter had a time frame for when the construction would begin.

Moss said it would be in the five-year plan.

"If we can get the feasibility study done, then we would move forward with the fundraising," Moss said.

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