Tuesday notes

Aug 21, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Lost horizon

The smoke in our skies continues day after day. The forces of western weather carry smoke from wildfires across hundreds of miles, and we get whiffs of it from fires burning nowhere near us, and the sun takes on an orange tint as its light is filtered and refracted by substances not usually in evidence.

A Ranger office staff member recounted a visit from relatives from Texas over the weekend, one of whom remarked "I though you said there were mountains around here" while gazing at the gray, indistinct horizon.

They are there, all right, only obscured for the time being in our summer of smoke.

Allen and Allen

Eagle-eye readers with an interest in a certain legislative race in Tuesday's primary election noted an error in The Ranger election edition published Sunday. We printed the picture of county commission candidate Larry Allen next to the news story about House District 33 primary candidate Jim Allen.

A page or two later, there was the story about Larry Allen's county commission race, with his picture again. That one was correct, but it meant that Larry's picture went in twice in our news coverage, and Jim's not at all.

The accompanying story was right, and voters in HD 33 still have the choice between "Allen" and "Cardenas" on today's ballot.

We trust voters in that district can sort out the difference, but that doesn't negate the mistake. No excuses here, just apologies.

Fair Scrapbook

Speaking of special editions, we have another one hot on the heels of the election preview. It's the Fremont County Fair Scrapbook, full of fair results, more pictures from the fair, and many acknowledgements from young fair participants and local businesses that get behind the fair each year. Also, check out the list of buyers from the junior livestock auction.

As always, the Fair Scrapbook is one of our "keeper" publications of the year, and we appreciate the support of local advertisers who made this 24-page product possible. Look for it in the Wednesday editions of The Ranger and Lander Journal.

Letters from a quilt

One other Fair Scrapbook note: The letters on the front page spelling "Scrapbook" are composed from a picture of Laura Trenbeath's prize-winning quilt. Copy editor Jamie Drendel created the innovative look of the edition's nameplate, but she couldn't have done it without that striking quilt.

Election night gathering

If you are a candidate, a voter or simply an interested citizen, you are invited to The Ranger's annual election night activities in our newsroom at 421 E. Main St. Drop by any time after 7:30 p.m. for a cookie, a cold drink or cup of coffee, and some election night conversation as we total up the vote counts on the big vote board up front.

This has been a fun election night tradition --and a good photo opportunity for both staff and candidates --for more than 60 years. Hope to see you here.

Half staff

Flags in Riverton are being displayed for election day and are at half staff in other places this week in memory of Riverton's Kevin Griffin, the U.S. Army sergeant killed in Afghanistan earlier this month when an Afghan "ally" Griffin had helped train for security duty there suddenly turned his weapon on Griffin and two other U.S. troops.

Our thanks to Pat Lawson, one of our community's most-dedicated organizers and participants in veteran ceremonies and other patriotic events, for agreeing to keep The Ranger updated on flag observances around town.

A flag at half staff is noticed immediately by many people, and questions follow immediately. We'll try to keep you up-to-date on the solemn occasion for the half-raised flags.

We vote

A process of great moment and vast importance to our nation is being carried out today across Wyoming as voters cast ballots in the 2012 primary election. From the tiniest rural precinct to the biggest mid-town one, both the genius and the beauty in the way we select our own government is that no one vote is any more or less important than any other. In the privacy of the voting booth and the electronic ingenuity of the ballot counter, all voters are equal.

If you voted Tuesday, thank you. Your ballot was another reinforcing rivet in the structure of our way of life.

Here's to a good week.

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