Baker leads Bauman in Riverton Ward 3; they meet again Nov. 6

Aug 22, 2012 By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

It was a close uncontested race between Riverton City Council Ward 3 candidates Lars Baker and Larry Bauman on Tuesday's primary election.

Incumbent Baker received 393 votes or 53 percent with challenger Larry Bauman receiving 304 votes or 41 percent.

Both will advance to the Nov. 6 general election.

Bauman said Baker's lead was not that great, which indicates people want change.

"I would expect the incumbent to always have the majority," Bauman said. "However, the amount of votes I received shows me people are interested in changing things up a little bit."

Bauman said Baker has an advantage with voters due to being a current councilman.

"People in Riverton get to see Baker every other Tuesday by being on the council, and I don't have that advantage," Bauman said. "I am a low-key person in life and I don't toot my own horn. Sometimes that can be a detriment, but the people who know me will vote for me."

Bauman plans to spend more time meeting with voters leading up to the Nov. 6 general election.

"I think those that talk to me will notice a big difference between me and my (opponent), and I hope they will notice that difference," Bauman said.

Bauman, 62, disagrees with some of the ways things are being run in Riverton, which is one of the main reasons he has decided to run for council.

"The city seems to go from self-induced crisis to crisis," Bauman said. "I think council members lack direction, and if they had direction and a plan, these types of issues wouldn't keep happening."

Baker, 68, has served on the council for six years and said he enjoys serving on the council because he is fascinated by the process of government.

Baker said it was kind of a lackluster election with several uncontested races making up the primary election.

"I don't plan to do much campaigning for November" Baker said. "I have signs on my truck, but I will continue to show up to city hall and do the job I have been asked to do."

Baker encourages anyone who has issues or concerns with the city to call him and he will address them while serving on the council.

"I have no intention of buying a thousand dollars worth of signs," Baker said. "My re-election strategy is to listen to the people who come before the council."

If elected, Baker said he would support the 1 percent sales tax but is comfortable with whatever way the citizens of Riverton decide to vote.

"The 1 percent sales tax gives us all an opportunity to decide if we will be taxed," Baker said. "If folks turn that down it is their decision."

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