GOP leaders support the causes 'that benefit people who already have great wealth, power

Sep 2, 2012 Darlene Dahlin, Riverton


I think Cynthia Lummis's recent radio ad to the effect that the only way Congress is going to get anything done is to get rid of all the Democrats clearly demonstrates how little she cares about doing what's right for the country. It's her way or nothing.

I do not believe all Republicans (I was one myself until recently) are this way, but it seems that the party's leaders (and especially our representatives from Wyoming) are only interested in doing everything they can to obstruct whatever President Obama might propose.

In my opinion, the only causes they support are those that benefit people who already have great wealth and power.

They care nothing about the destruction of the middle class, and they seem to think all poor people are solely responsible for their situations and therefore unworthy of any consideration.

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