Bill would allow 80 mph on Wyoming interstates

Feb 22, 2012 Staff and wire reports

(AP) -- Drivers could zoom along at 80 mph is a bill advanced by a Wyoming House committee becomes law.

The panel on Tuesday endorsed a bill giving the Wyoming Department of Transportation authority to designate an 80 mph speed limit on parts of the state's interstate highway system.

Interstates 80, 25 and 90 cross parts of the state.

House Bill 48 advanced to the full House for consideration on an 8-0 vote Tuesday in the House Committee on Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs.

Republican House Majority Floor Leader Tom Lubnau of Gillette is the bill's sponsor.

The bill doesn't mandate the higher speed limit. It just allows the WYDOT director to do so on interstate highways.

The highest speed limit permitted in Wyoming currently is 75 mph. WYDOT has placed variable speed limits on some sections of the interstates in the past year. The electronic signs can be adjusted according to weather or traffic conditions.

Col. John Butler of the Highway Patrol said most of the speeding citations issued by troopers are for drivers traveling 79 to 80 mph.

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