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State needs legislators who can 'think about a lot of things'

Sep 5, 2012 - Carole Hiller, Riverton


On Aug. 23 I read the state news article on how Mr. Childers, the state representative, feels he lost in the primary election because he was against making gay marriage illegal in Wyoming.

I have always been a Republican, but I do not agree with the idea of chasing somebody out of office because of one single position. The issue of two gay people wanting to get married in Wyoming is not significant at all in the big picture of our state. I don't know any gay people in Wyoming who want to get married, and why would they in this state?

But meanwhile there are so many other things that actually do have significance in Wyoming that legislators need to be paying attention to. Last year there was a bill in Cheyenne that I really hoped would get debated and voted on, but I think it got delayed until it was too late because everybody was arguing day and night about gay people who might want to get married.

I was not very familiar with Rep. Childers, and maybe he was not doing a good job and should have lost in the election. But I read that even the guy who won said it was because of gay marriage. To that I say, OK, what are you going to do on any of the other issues besides gay marriage? It is the Wyoming Legislature, not the Wyoming Gay Marriage Patrol. We need people in there who can think about a lot of things, not just one thing, and those are the people I will vote for.

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