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Alpine Lake Fire is not simply a 'science project'

Sep 18, 2012 - Dan Durrelle, Riverton


Steven R. Peck's editorial in The Ranger the other day about the air pollution caused by the fire up by Sage Creek was on the money. I have read the words said by Mr. Brauneis, the fire manager, on how the fire "is doing some very good ecological things." Does that include filling the air with smoke that blots out the sun, burns our lungs and our eyes, and showers ashes down on our homes? The air is part of the ecology, isn't it?

From what I remember reading, this Alpine Lake Fire was still small enough to do something about when it was new, not like the giant fires in Colorado in June. No more.

I believe this to be a big-time miscalculation. Now I hope they can get it contained before it burns up the whole mountain. If we don't get a snowstorm soon, I think that is exactly what could happen considering how wrong they have been in guessing where it would go and how big it would get.

I have never agreed with looking at a forest fire like it is only a science project. This is not a science project. People live around here. This fire has gotten away from us.

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