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Time for Gillette to get eighth Wyoming community college

Feb 23, 2012 - Jim Vogt Powell


The Wyoming Legislature should change the Wyoming Community College Statutes to permit Gillette College to become the eighth community college in Wyoming.

By doing so, the residents and business of Campbell County would be assessed 4 mills for general operations as is the case for Central Wyoming College in Riverton and the other six counties with community colleges.

Campbell County has an assessed evaluation for 2011 of $5,425,565,207. This amount multiplied by 4 mills would generate $21,702,000 for Gillette College operations.

Currently Gillette College is considered an outreach center of Sheridan College and is the only outreach center in the entire state that calls itself a "college." State fund dollars are for Gillette College are funneled through Sheridan College.

Gillette College has its own college sports teams and recruits its athletes both nationally and internationally. It also has its own complete campus.

Campbell County generates more FTE for Sheridan College than Sheridan County does.

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