Fido doesn't need to stray for star service

Sep 20, 2012 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Top Dog Mobile Grooming takes canine cleaning and trimming to the dogowner's front yard.

On his second day of business as the owner and operator of Top Dog Mobile Grooming, Jeff Kellogg, of Riverton, already seemed thrilled with his new profession.

"It's so fun," Kellogg said as he combed through a Yorkshire terrier's hair.

The little dog, Kirby, wasn't having as pleasant a morning, which Kellogg understood. After nine weeks of training at Classy Pet Grooming School in Loveland, Colo., the businessman has become familiar with dogs' typical attitudes toward washing, brushing and trimming.

"They just hate it," Kellogg said, picking through the mats of hair that had grown into clumps behind Kirby's ears. "It can take hours to pull these things apart. ... But the dogs calm down as time goes on."

Kellogg's canine clients are less likely to be stressed by grooming, he said, because the whole ordeal takes place in their own front yard. With his tools and workspace set up in a renovated camper, Kellogg can bring his services to dogowners who don't even have to be home for their pets to be pampered.

"That's the No. 1 advantage," Kellogg said.

Kirby's owner, Andrea Verosky, who works full time as the principal at Aspen Park Elementary School, agreed that the mobile aspect of Kellogg's business was beneficial.

"It was extremely convenient to have him come to the home," she said.

A petowner himself, Kellogg has had to spend several hours in one day driving his dogs across the county for grooming, and he said the trip usually came after three months of waiting for an appointment. He hopes the situation will improve with his inclusion in the grooming market.

"I can take two dogs a day right now," Kellogg said, noting the pre-work, bathing, drying then shaving that usually goes into one grooming job. "Eventually I'll be able to do four (a day)."

Even with a steady stream of clientele, Kellogg said he still will have more time to spend with his family than he is used to. During his nine years as owner of Daylight Donuts, Kellogg said he went to sleep at 6 p.m. every night so he could get work in the wee hours of the morning.

"Now I actually get to see my son and talk to my wife more than two hours a day," Kellogg said. "And I can take vacations. ... I'm excited."

He invited dogowners to give him a try by calling 851-5918.

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