More horse tails clipped, says sheriff

Sep 25, 2012 From staff reports

Officials say a criminal enterprise is operating in Fremont County with the intent to steal horse tails and sell the hair for money.

At least five more residents called the Fremont County Sheriff's Office in recent days to report missing horse tails. Capt. Ryan Lee said the crimes have not been localized to one area.

"We've had them in Kinnear, Pavillion, north of Riverton, west of Riverton," Lee said. "They're sporadic."

At about 7:10 p.m. Sunday a man on Lakeview Drive in Kinnear reported that one of his horses and two of his neighbor's horses were missing their tail hair.

On Monday, one call came at about 9:50 a.m. from the 2000 block of Sand Butte Road in Pavillion. A woman there reported that her horse's tail was cut sometime Monday morning or late Sunday night.

Another person called at about 10:50 a.m. Monday to report that two black-and-white paint horses had their tails cut sometime between Sunday and Monday mornings on Raintree Drive in Riverton.

Finally, a woman on the 300 block of Buckhorn Flats Road in Riverton called at about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday with a similar report.

Lee said the people taking the horse hair are committing several crimes, including trespassing, larceny and property destruction. He encouraged residents to contact the FCSO if they see anything suspicious, especially in rural areas.

"Don't be afraid to give us a call," Lee said. "We'll check it out."

He said local authorities will be in contact with state law enforcement agencies that also have experienced horse hair theft in recent weeks. In nearby Natrona and Converse counties, more than 30 reports of stolen horse hair were recorded during the past month.

Anyone with information about the incidents should call the FCSO at 856-7200.

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