Sep 26, 2012 The Associated Press

Cases related

CHEYENNE -- Two of three people recently treated for "flesh-eating bacteria" at Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette were in close contact before being admitted to the hospital, State Epidemiologist Dr. Tracy Murphy said Tuesday.

Contact between the two did not happen at a health care facility, the state said. Health officials continued to investigate what, if any, relationship the third case might have to the other two cases, Murphy said.

Murder charged

BUFFALO -- A man is in jailed in Buffalo on a second-degree murder charge after a reported disturbance at a bar.

Buffalo resident Brian Newman , 45,was pronounced dead at the Johnson County Healthcare Center.

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder says 30-year-old Richard Wilkerson is being held at the Johnson County jail.

Attorney sues

CHEYENNE -- A Cheyenne lawyer claims that Wyoming State Public Defender Diane Lozano terminated him because he ended a relationship with her years before.

Dion Custis charges in a federal lawsuit that Lozano and the Wyoming Public Defender's Office violated his civil rights and federal anti-discrimination laws by terminating him last year.

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