Riverton pair takes top spots at Ethete cross country meet

Oct 3, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

RHS, Wyoming Indian and Lander Valley High School will all take part on Friday at the Berry Bryant/Kyle Johnson Memorial Invitational at the Wind River Golf Couse.

ETHETE -- Olivia Thompson and Wilson Clifford are two of the top cross country runners in the state in any classification, and both now are in top form.

Thompson won her first meet of the season for Riverton High School Tuesday afternoon, taking the girls title at the Wyoming Indian Invitational in Ethete.

Thompson covered the 3.1-mile course in 21:43. Fellow RHS runner Jillian C'Bearing finished second at a time of 22:00.

"It was nice to see Olivia and Jillian controlling the race at the front," RHS coach Jay Dayton said. "It was good to see them both in good running form out there and doing what they do best."

Clifford, running in front of his home fans, won the boys title for the Chiefs. He was clocked in 17:44.

"Wilson's time was a little slower, but it was his second race in four days," WIHS coach Chico Her Many Horses said.

RHS, Wyoming Indian and Lander Valley High School will all take part on Friday at the Berry Bryant/Kyle Johnson Memorial Invitational at the Wind River Golf Course.


C'Bearing and Thompson produced the early lead on Tuesday on the 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) course.

"They got out to a good start," Dayton said. "They didn't get overanxious in that first mile. They ran smart. They made the move about halfway through the race."

Thompson passed C'Bearing with 400 yards left to go.

"Olivia has great finishing speed at the end," Dayton said. "That is a great weapon that she uses during the race."

Dayton said Tuesday's race was the best one for C'Bearing.

"We are right on track for conference and state meet with Jillian," Dayton said.

Ainur Zhuldybaeva finished seventh in 23:00 for the Wolverines.

Riverton's Ben Zoller finished in the middle of the pack in the boys race. Zoller was the top placer for RHS.

"We saw a better effort out of our boys team," Dayton said.

Wyoming Indian

After Clifford, Wyoming Indian's Tyler Penatae finished second, and Alvin Spoonhunter was fourth. Keegan Her Many Horses placed 17th.

"I thought that we had a real good day," coach Her Many Horses said. "Our kids are still a little tired coming off that tough race on Saturday. This is our real hard week."

Clifford won the Lakota Invitational on Saturday in Rapid City, S.D. in a time of 16:38.3. Spoonhunter was second (16:50.8), and Penatae ended seventh (17:53.2).

"That competition is tough at Lakota," Her Many Horses said. "It was a good competition in a good race. I was really happy in what our guys did. We went a long ways. We represented the state of Wyoming the best we could."

The Chiefs were second in the team standings (22 points) and Cheyenne Eagle Butte, S.D., won the title (21).

Wyoming Indian High School results from Lakota Nation Invitational


Team standings

1. Cheyenne Eagle Butte, S.D., 21; 2. Wyoming Indian, 22; 3. Red Cloud Indian School, S.D., 36.

Top 10

1. Wilson Clifford, Wyoming Indian, 16:38.3; 2. Alvin Spoonhunter, Wyoming Indian, 16:50.8; 3. Xavier Norris, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 17:32.5; 4. Dillon Miner, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 17:37.4; 5. Harold Red Owl, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 17:50.8; 6. Tyler Penatae, Wyoming Indian, 17:53.2; 7. Seven Annis, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 18:03.2; 8. Tobias Weddell, TCHS, 18:07.2; 9. Daryl Lays Bad, Pine Ridge Indian School, 18:29.6; 10. Caleb Lebeau, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 18:03.2.

Other WIHS times

Keegan Her Many Horses, 18:35.4; Tristen Gardner, 19:37.1; Garland Spoonhunter, 20:39.8.


Team standings

1. Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 24; 2. Todd County High School, 35; 3. Red Cloud High School, 44; 4. St. Francis Indian School, 52; 5. Wyoming Indian, 75.

Top 10

1. Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle, Cheyenne Eagle, 16:04.07; 2. Amory Prue, TCHS, 16:21.6; 3. Justina LeBeau, Pine Ridge High School, 16:32.3; 4. Lottie Grimshaw, TCHS, 16:44.9; 5. Mryiam Rama, Red Cloud High School, 16:54.6; 6. Emma Larvie, SFIS, 17:09.2; 7. D'Aryn Lends His Horse, Cheyenne Eagle, 17:16.9; 8. Cece Two Lance, Red Cloud, 17:51.3; 9. Kianna Wallowingbull, Wyoming Indian, 18:05.8; 10. River Gunville, Cheyenne Eagle, 18:06.7.

Other WIHS times

Phyllis Gardner, 19:26.4; Drew Whiteman, 19:29.0; Loveeda White, 20:22.4; Chelsea Bad Hawk, 20:38.3; Jocelyn Underwood, 21:07.02.

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