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Mead noncommittal on higher fuel taxes

Oct 3, 2012 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- Gov. Matt Mead says it's appropriate to consider raising the state fuels tax to help fix and maintain roads but he's not convinced that a tax increase is needed now.

Mead said during a news conference Tuesday that he worries about the appearance and the reaction to raising taxes now.

Also, he says the state should make sure its spending money on roads efficiently before raising the tax.

In September, the Legislature's Joint Revenue Interim Committee gave initial approval to a draft bill that raises the fuels tax by 10 cents and registration fees by $10 for most types of vehicles.

The state Transportation Department says it needs $135 million more annually just to maintain the current road system.

Wyoming consumers pay a tax of 32.4 cents per gallon on gasoline, 38.4 cents per gallon on diesel through a combination of state and federal taxes. A penny per gallon of the tax is applied to the state fund reserved for cleanup of leaking underground storage tanks.

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