City to host strong girls cross country field

Oct 4, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

For the last two years, the Riverton High School officials have had to call off the Berry Bryant/Kyle Johnson Memorial Invitational cross country race because of bad weather.

RHS cross country coach Jay Dayton is hoping to change the luck on Friday when the Wolverines will host the race at the Wind River Golf Course.

The varsity girls will start the race at 4 p.m. The varsity boys will go after the girls. Teams signed up for the race are RHS, Cody, Evanston, Green River, Thermopolis, Jackson, Lander Valley High School, Mountain View, Star Valley and Wyoming Indian.

"We are a very excited to host the meet on Friday," RHS coach Jay Dayton said. "We are hoping the weather will hold off enough for us to get the race in."

The athletes will run for 3.1 miles around the golf course. "The course has a lot of rolling hills in it," Dayton said. "There is different places in the race that get tough, and kids kind of get lost in it."

Riverton's Olivia Thompson and Star Valley's Hailey Ricks are entered in the girls race.

Thompson won the Class 4-A individual title last year and Ricks captured the Class 3-A title for the Braves. Thompson's teammate Jillian C' Bearing should also be near the top of the field.

Wyoming Indian Invitational Cross country results held Tuesday in Ethete


Team standings

1. Wyoming Indian, 24; 2. Jackson, 28; 3. Lander, 32; 4. Rock Springs, 76; 4. Riverton, 91.

County placers

1. Wilson Clifford, Wyoming Indian, 17:44; 2. Tyler Penatac, Wyoming Indian, 17:49; 3. Kade Simonson, Lander, 18:01; 4. Alvin Spoonhunter, Wyoming Indian, 18:13; 6. Drew Gramlich, Lander, 18:29; 10. Micah Whiting, Lander, 18:44; 13. Beau Green, Lander, 19:17; 14. George Case, 19:22; 15. Robbie Coulter, Lander, 19:33; 16. Bailey Selley, Lander, 19:34; 18. Keegan Her Many Horses, 19:47; 21. Colby Irene, Lander, 20:08; 24. Ben Zoller, Riverton, 20:34; 25. Garland Spoonhunter, Wyoming Indian, 20:47; 26. Brytan Spoonhunter, Riverton, 20:54; 28. Sean Watts, Riverton, 21:05; 29. Dalton Perkins, Riverton, 21:17; 30. Thomas Beasley, Riverton, 21:20; 31. Tristan Gardner, Wyoming Indian, 21:21; 34. Bryan Lane, Riverton, 22:28.


Team standings

1. Riverton, 24; 2. (tie) Jackson and Rock Springs, 37; 4. Lander Valley High School, 53; 5. Wyoming Indian, 61.

County placers

1. Olivia Thompson, Riverton, 21:43; 2. Jillian C' Bearing, Riverton, 21:59; 4. Aspen Hemingway, Lander, 22:25; 8. Ainur Zhuldybaeva, Riverton, 23:36; 10. Drew Whiteman, Wyoming Indian, 23:45; 14. Kianna Wallowingbull, Wyoming Indian, 24:32; 15. Bailey Broadbent, Riverton, 24:45; 16. Taylor Blasco, Lander, 25:23; 17. April Makeshine, Lander, 25:25; 18. Phyllis Gardner, Wyoming Indian, 25:47; 19. Lindsay Crane, Lander, 25:51; 23. Loveeda White, Wyoming Indian, 26:33; 24. Aisha Durfey, Riverton, 27:10; 26. Camille Whiteman, Riverton, 29:20; 27. Chelsea Bad Hawk, Wyoming Indian, 28:47; 28. Jocelyn Underwood, Wyoming Indian, 28:56; 29, Chardale Brown, Wyoming Indian, 31:59.

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