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Oct 7, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Riverton hosts the Class 4-A West regional cross country meet this Friday, Oct. 12.

Olivia Thompson was not disappointed at all after she crossed the finish line fifth at the Berry Bryant/Kyle Johnson Memorial cross country race Friday in chilly conditions at the Wind River Golf Course.

Thompson, the defending Class 4-A state champion, posted a new personal record for the season by 10 seconds for Riverton High School.

Thompson, a sophomore, was clocked in a time of 19:53.47 to pace the Wolverines

"I'm very pleased with what I did," Thompson said. "I felt good. I normally run better in the cold."

The meet was held in 40-degree weather with a little wind on the golf course.

"The conditions were very cold," Thompson said.

The top four runners are from Class 3-A schools.

"The competition was very tough," Thompson said. "I knew that it would be. I try not to let things get to me and just focus on my race."

Defending Class 3-A champion Hailey Ricks of Star Valley jumped out to a huge lead in the first mile and cruised to a time of 18:41.67. Cody's Anne Brinegar finished second in 19:29.17. Hannah Demler of Star Valley placed third at 19:46.18. Jackson's Mariah Bredal was fourth in 19:53.47.

It was the first time Thompson and Ricks battled each other in cross country.

"Hailey is incredible," Thompson said. "I was surprised on how well that I was doing. I knew how Anne was going to pace herself. Anne is fast. Hailey is even faster."

Lander's Aspen Hemingway was 15th (20:59.44) and Riverton's Jillian C' Bearing placed 20th (21:18.48).

The Wolverines will run on the Wind River Golf Course Friday for the Class 4-A West regionals.

"We didn't really know the course until today (Friday)," Thompson said.


The boys race Friday turned out to be a preview of the Class 3-A West regionals slated for next Friday in Jackson.

The first six runners were from 3-A West programs. Devyn Brotherton of Cody was the title winner by 29 seconds over teammate Brody Smith.

Brotherton ran a 16:01.89, and Smith finished in a time of 16:30.06. Wyoming Indian's Alvin Spoonhunter was the highest Fremont County finisher, coming in 10th in 17:07.86. Lander's Drew Gramlich was 11th (17:08.72) and teammate Kade Simonson placed 12th (17:08.72).

Sean Watts led the Wolverines with a 40th place finish in a season best time of 19:03.76. Ben Zoller was 42nd (19:08.59).

Cross country results from Friday's Berry Bryant/Kyle Johnson

Memorial race


Top 10

1. Hailey Ricks, Star Valley, 18:41.67; 2. Anne Brinegar, Cody, 19:29.17; 3. Hannah Demler Jackson, 19:48.46; 4. Mariah Bredal, Jackson, 19:48.46; 5. Olivia Thompson, Riverton, 19:53.47; 6. Mishayla Waltari Cody, 20:03.94; 7. Jessica Holiday, Cody, 20:14.78; 8. Josie Givens, Green River, 20:19.59; 9. BreeAnne Guzman, Star Valley, 20:24.06; 10. Madison Ashworth, Star Valley, 20:32.21.

Other Riverton placers

20. Jillian C' Bearing 21:18.48; 27. Ainur Zhuldybaeva, 22:08.98 29. Bailey Broadbent, 22:28.44; 39. Camille Whiteman, 24:12.76; 43. Aisha Durfey, 25:02.46.

Lander placers

15. Aspen Hemingway, 20:59.44; 31. Taylor Blasko, 22:45.37; 33. April Makeshine, 22:55.17.

Junior varsity (County placers only)

2. Drew Whiteman, Wyoming Indian, 22:26.31; 4. Kianna Wallowingbull, Wyoming Indian, 22:46.31; 8. Phyllis Gardner, Wyoming Indian, 23:39.75; 10. Loveeda White, Wyoming Indian, 24:11.66; 13. Jocelyn Underwood, Wyoming Indian, 25:13.42; 14. Ashten Whiteplume, Wyoming Indian, 25:16.20; 17. Chelsea Bad Hawk Wyoming Indian, 25:39.98; 21. Chardale Brown, Wyoming Indian, 26:56.68; 24. Mercedes Nanamkim, Riverton, 27:42.31.


Top 10

1. Devyn Brotherton, Cody, 16:01.89; 2. Brody Smith, Cody, 16:30.06; 3. Cody Peck, Star Valley, 16:35.08; 4. Kinsly Smith, Jackson, 16:52.65; 5. Gabe Waldron, Star Valley, 16:53.64; 6. Kaylor Dolezal, Mountain View, 16:57.46; 7. Grant Cameron, Jackson, 16:59.11; 8. Josh Hartford, Green River, 17:03.04; 9. Wyatt Feuz, Evanston, 17:06.28; 10. Alvin Spoonhunter, Wyoming Indian, 17:07.56.

Lander placers

11. Drew Gramlich 17:08.72; 12. Kade Simonson, 17:10.33; 16. Micah Whiting, 17:23.30; 25. Beau Green, 17:53.03; 26 Tristan Herr, 17:53.87; 32. George Case, 18:05.79; 36. Robbie Coulter, 18:31.79.

Other Wyoming Indian runners

38. Keegan Her Many Horses, 18:42.76; 51. Garland Spoonhunter, 19:50.36; 52. Tristan Gardner, 19:55.25; 57. Derek Aragon, 20:45.39.

Riverton placers

40. Sean Watts, 19:03.76; 42. Ben Zoller, 19:08.59; 45. Brytan Spoonhunter, 19:16.63; 46. Thomas Beasley, 19:17.84; 49. Dalton Perkins, 19:32.14.

Junior varsity (county placers only)

2. Bailey Seller, Lander, 18:09.31; 13. Colby Irene, 19:06.41; 15. Dennis Makeshine, 19:10.46; 18. Scott Jones, 19:39.14; 20. Cory Lamebear, Wyoming Indian, 19:49.77; 21. Caleb C' Bearing, Riverton, 19:56.09; 25. Tyler Allen, Riverton, 20:11.78; 28. Brandon Linton, Lander, 20:20.41; 29. Nate Robinson, Lander, 20:21.42; 30. Ellis Peterson, Lander, 20:22.60; 31. Bryan Lane, Riverton, 20:23.96; 33. Nick Krassin, Lander, 20:34.53; 34. Ryan Crawford, Lander, 20:40.05; 35; Russell C' Hair Riverton, 20:42.12; 40. Thomas Geer, Lander, 21:07.00; 42. Marten Bauer, Lander, 21:08.75; 45. Kamden Sandall, Lander, 21:11.94; 47. Charles Moss, Lander, 21:22.07; 49. Griffin Leemon, Lander, 21:41.75; 51. Matt Robinson, Lander, 21:45.47; 52. Clay Gookin, Lander, 21:54.34; 56. Matt Amos, Riverton, 22:02.56; 60. Dylin Coffee, Wyoming Indian, 22:41.04; 61. Kenny Shoyo, Wyoming Indian, 23:03.43; 64. Jared Mosqueda, Wyoming Indian, 24:42.91; 66. Patrick McGill, Wyoming Indian, 26:21.37; 67. Andrew Dayton, Riverton, 26:34.09.

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Olivia Thompson finished fifth in the girls race for Riverton High School onR00;Friday afternoon at the Wind River Golf Course. Photos by Wayne Nicholls

Olivia Thompson finished fifth in the girls race for Riverton High School onR00;Friday afternoon at the Wind River Golf Course. Photos by Wayne Nicholls

Olivia Thompson finished fifth in the girls race for Riverton High School onR00;Friday afternoon at the Wind River Golf Course. Photos by Wayne Nicholls

Olivia Thompson finished fifth in the girls race for Riverton High School onR00;Friday afternoon at the Wind River Golf Course. Photos by Wayne Nicholls

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