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No reason to attend the museum board meeting when it was 'stacked'

Oct 10, 2012 - Eileen Urbigkeit, Crowheart


I would like to clarify why I didn't attend the meeting when they fired the Lander museum director. First, the week before they, the commissioners had planned to blind-side her, and they didn't get it done.

So they called a special executive meeting, they didn't notify me of it, also when the person they put in charge had only five days to call a meeting and fire the person. Also I wasn't informed of the meeting until the Monday before. They forgot to tell me the time.

The reason I didn't attend, if I knew the time, I am head judge of the election board of District 19, so felt my loyalty to that was the most important . It took me three days to get the place set up, the judges notified, also break in a new judge. Then Wednesday had to do the follow-up like get the returns in. We had four splits here, so we had to be so very careful.

I knew that they were going to fire the director, so no need for me to attend when it was stacked. They also knew the chairman was gone.

I am some bitter at how the board was treated by the commissioners, also the way it was all handled. I was deceived and ignored. So there is no reason to stay on a board that will be so terribly micromanaged.

I think Martin Reed has done a very good job reporting the museum news. It is appreciated when the facts are presented. Just felt it should be known why I didn't attend that meeting.

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