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The way it was: Fire watch tower -- 1924

Oct 13, 2012 From staff reports

The first national forests are in Fremont County, but the names and boundaries have changed from their original forms.

In the early days of the 20th century, portions of the Bonneville National Forest, the Washakie National Forest and the Shoshone National Forest all existed simultaneously in Fremont County (which itself was larger then).

In 1917, Bonneville and Washakie were combined under the Washakie name.

The forest known today as the Shoshone National Forest took shape in 1941, when the Washakie forest to the south and the Shoshone to the north were combined into a larger entity known since then as the Shoshone National Forest.

Fire watch towers sprang up quickly in the new national forests, as did the new occupation known as the forest ranger. This tower, accessible by horseback, was photographed in 1924.

The picture is from "Dubois and the Wind River Valley," by Norma Williamson of Dubois, published by Arcadia Publishing and available in bookstores around Fremont County.

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