Don't let vacant downtown space become parking lot

Oct 17, 2012 Deborah Craig, Riverton


Well, it sure didn't take long for that vacant lot clear by the city at Fifth and Main downtown to become a parking lot. Every time I go by, I see the space filled up with cars.

Can anybody just park there? Do the rules of city parking take effect in there, as in "could I get a parking ticket?" Or is it for VIP parking or some such thing?

I thought the city said the one thing that the vacant lot was not intended to be was a parking lot. When it was sitting empty all that time until the building was torn down, they got pretty tough about keeping people out with chains and barriers.

I do hope they arrive at a better idea than "parking lot" for that vacant lot. I know they are talking about it, and the sooner the better for an answer.

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