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Look at what matters, then vote for Sherry Shelley in HD55

Nov 4, 2012 - Nancy Sehnert, Riverton


Voters, I would encourage all of you to please consider Sherry Shelley for House District 55.

Get to know her views on sound budgeting, safe roads, local control of schools, energy independence, and preserving the Wyoming way of life and environment we love.

I believe you will find her beliefs are very much in alignment with your own whether you are a Democrat, Republican or an independent thinker like myself.

Sherry is committed to representing a wide cross section of her constituents not just a few with loud special interests.

Sherry Shelley has proven herself as a community leader, getting things done and improving the lives of Riverton families.

I have confidence she will continue this tradition in the Wyoming House of Representatives. In the years I have known her, I have come to respect her ability, her values, and her judgment,

Please, look at what matters to you. Vote for Sherry Shelley.

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