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Incumbents keep seats in contested city council races

Nov 7, 2012 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

As the final results trickled in, Riverton City Council members and former hopefuls commented on the outcome of the election and their future plans.

Ward 1

Business owner Jonathan Faubion ran unopposed and is now the Ward 1 councilman, according to the unofficial results.

"I'm very excited I won a seat on the city council, and I look forward to dealing with some challenges the city faces," Faubion said.

Faubion, who won with 888 votes against a write-in candidate with 18 votes, said he was also glad the 1 percent sales tax passed.

"I will be committed to making sure the money goes to what it's suppose to," Faubion said.

Faubion said he also wanted to let the citizens of Riverton know that he encourages them to get in contact with him.

"I would like to represent their opinions and desires," Faubion said. "You don't know what they want if they don't tell you."

Ward 2

In the race for Ward 2 incumbent Todd Smith won a seat on the council once again with 702 votes after going against Lee Martinez who received 673 votes.

Smith said he was excited about the results and thought it might be a close race. He said he was happy he would get to continue to serve for another four years.

"I want to represent the citizens of my ward and of Riverton," Smith said.

Martinez, who has served as a councilman in the past, said he was not totally disappointed and will be available to the council if they would like his assistance.

"If the city still needs my help, I'll be there to help," he said.

Martinez said he would have liked a victory, and he has no specific plans now except to enjoy retirement.

"It's the people's choice," he said.

Ward 3

The Ward 3 council seat went to Lars Baker who received 769 votes. Former city employee Larry Bauman collected 665 votes, according to the unofficial results.

Baker said he enjoys being on the council and will do everything he can to make Riverton a great place to live.

"I thought if they wanted me to serve in that capacity, I would run, and then they would re-elect me," Baker said.

He said there is an agenda already in place for the council, and it's the council's job to start planning five years ahead.

"Our opportunity is to guide, and my agenda is to serve," Baker said.

He also spoke positively of his opponent.

"I thought he served the city well, and he wanted to be involved," Baker said.

Bauman, in return, said he considered Baker a close friend and said he was hoping Riverton would set a different course.

"I'm disappointed," Bauman said. "I wanted to win and change the direction Riverton is heading."

Bauman also said he wanted to work on budget mismanagement and the poor decisions made by the council.

He said he was surprised the 1 percent sales tax passed and hopes the money goes where it should, though he fears it might not.

"I hope they prove me wrong," Bauman said.

Bauman said he will now tend to his oil business and keep busy.

"It was a race against ideology, but life goes on," Bauman said.

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