Nov 8, 2012 The Associated Press

Court reconsiders teen's sentence

CHEYENNE -- Lawyers for two Wyoming teenagers serving life sentences in the home invasion slaying of a Sheridan man will get a chance to tell the state Supreme Court next month that the two deserve lesser punishment.

The Wyoming Supreme Court this week filed notice that it intends to hear arguments next month from lawyers representing Wyatt Bear Cloud and Dharminder Vir Sen as well as the state.

Bear Cloud and Vir Sen together with another defendant were convicted of murder in the August 2009 home invasion killing of Sheridan businessman Robert Ernst.

The U.S. Supreme Court last summer threw out mandatory life in prison without parole for juvenile offenders. The high court last month vacated Bear Cloud's life sentence and sent it back to the state supreme court for reconsideration.

Bull escapes, barges into home

WORLAND -- A bull that apparently didn't want to be put on the auction block escaped from the livestock sale in Worland and later barged into a home across town.

The bull darted from the Worland Livestock Auction grounds west of the city just before noon Wednesday.

About 15 minutes later, he went through an open door of a home about two miles away and down the stairs into the basement.

The Northern Wyoming Daily News says police and auction workers were on his tail but couldn't coax him out.

The bull eventually was tranquilized with help from veterinarian Dan Miller, who described the bull as "mean, grumpy, upset, excited."

The animal weighs 1,400 pounds and left behind quite a bit of damage to the home's walls and stairs.

Fuel cell/data center grant endorsed

CHEYENNE -- The Wyoming Business Council board is endorsing a $1.5 million grant that would help bring to Cheyenne a Microsoft data center powered by an experimental fuel cell.

The grant would fund construction of gas lines and power lines for the project.

Under the proposal, the fuel cell would generate electricity from methane produced by the city's Dry Creek wastewater treatment plant.

The fuel cell would provide about 200 kilowatts of electricity for the data center and another 100 kilowatts for the treatment plant, helping to reduce the city's energy costs.

The State Loan and Investment Board plans to consider the state grant for the roughly $8 million project at a meeting in December.

With approval, the data center could be operational by next summer.

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