Feb 28, 2012 The Associated Press

'Doomsday' bill gets a look

CASPER (AP) -- Some Wyoming state lawmakers want to study the possibility of creating a state currency to prepare for the possible collapse of the national government.

The so-called "doomsday" bill won initial backing in the state House on Monday after lawmakers dropped a proposal to study whether Wyoming should organize its own army and acquire an aircraft carrier and strike aircraft.

The bill would set up a task force to study what the state should do in a range of catastrophes, including the possible political or economic collapse of the United States. Another potential disaster to be studied would be a disruption in food and energy supplies.

The proposed study must pass another House vote before it could be sent to the Senate.

UW plans museum upgrades

LARAMIE (AP) -- The University of Wyoming is moving ahead with plans to make improvements to its Geological Museum.

UW recently selected an architectural firm to design improvements to the 56-year-old facility dedicated to Wyoming's geologic history and mineral resources.

The museum is memorable to visitors for its tyrannosaurus rex reproduction outside.

Work is slated to take place this summer in the first phase of a renovation aimed at making the museum a focal point for student and faculty research.

The museum closed briefly in the summer of 2009 because of budget cuts. When it reopened in August 2009, it was with the help of private funds from the UW Foundation.

Since then, donations and state matching money have built up an endowment to operate the museum and help pay for improvements.

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