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Police urge motorists to use caution around buses
Fremont County School District 25 transportation supervisor Barry Capellen walked back to his office Friday after stopping traffic on Sunset Drive for outgoing buses from the bus transfer yard in Riverton. Photo by Wayne Nicholls

Police urge motorists to use caution around buses

Nov 11, 2012 - By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Police remind residents to be cautious when driving near school and public buses.

According to the state of Wyoming Statutes Dealing with School Buses, to prevent an accident, residents should stop and stay at a complete stop while a school bus has its stop sign extended and the lights are flashing. This means students are boarding or getting off.

"All traffic must stop," said Fremont County School District 25 transportation supervisor Barry Capellen.

He said that any vehicle driving toward a bus should stop and wait until the extended stop sign has been deactivated.

Capellen said bus drivers from District 25 have forms they can use to report vehicles that don't stop or are driving recklessly.

Bus drivers can then give that information to the police.

A Riverton parent contacted police after she said two vehicles drove around the Child Development Services bus that was dropping off her son.

"If my child would have for some reason went in front of the bus, he would been hit," Kristy Fried said. "Controlling a vehicle is easier than controlling a 3-year-old child."

Riverton police chief Mike Broadhead said the rules are different for public buses, and drivers are not required to stay at a complete stop.

Regardless of what public transportation it is, Broadhead advises drivers and others to be alert.

"All drivers need to be aware," Broadhead said.

He said that if residents see vehicles driving recklessly, they should write down the vehicle's license plate number and report it to the local police department.

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