I love my college football (and Oregon is my title pick)

Nov 16, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

College football is No. 1 on my sports television watching agenda right now.

I'm hooked on the sport.

Every chance I get, I have been watching college football this year. It started back in late August and hasn't slowed down.

It really doesn't matter to me who is playing. It could be two teams from the Big East conference, and I will sit down and watch.

Or it could be two teams from the SEC conference, or opponents playing from the Pac-12 conference.

I just love college football.

I still enjoy college football even though the University of Wyoming and the BYU Cougars aren't having great seasons. Those are the two teams I follow the most.

The best word I could use for the Cowboys is disappointing. I'm proud of the way Wyoming has played the last couple of weeks, but I thought the Pokes should have been a top-three team in the Mountain West Conference.

That hasn't been the case this year. Wyoming struggled early in the season and put itself out of contention for a bowl game.

The BYU Cougars have lost some close games they should have won.

Those two teams didn't get me down on college football at all. I enjoy the Thursday night games on television. There usually are some high-profile teams playing each other.

The last few Thursdays, I have gone to the gym to walk on the treadmill, and I make sure football is on the TV

It's probably a good thing that I work on Saturdays at the newspaper office, or I would spend the entire day watching college football. But I still watch plenty of football on the Saturdays that I work.

I watch the pregame show on television for a couple of hours right when I wake up, then I usually watch the 10 a.m. game before I go to work in the afternoon.

The first thing I do after work is tune in on and watch the 8:30 p.m. game.

I love those late night Saturday night football games. That is my highlight of the week -- to watch an entire college football game from start to finish.

The team that I have seen play the most this year on TV is Oregon.

The Ducks seem like they play almost all the time at the 8:30 p.m. slot.

Oregon has the offense to be the No. 1 team in the land.

I picked the Ducks to win the title last year, but they just came up a little short.

Oregon hasn't slowed down this year. The Ducks look like they have became better and better as the season has progressed.

The schedule ahead for Oregon isn't easy with Stanford and Oregon State coming up, but I'm still picking the Ducks to climb to the No. 1 spot before the season is finished.

I know that Kansas State has an easier road in the month of November, but Oregon has the offensive firepower to win the national title.

The best thing about college football is that it doesn't look like the SEC team will win a national title.

The SEC can't win all the time.

I had a good time watching Texas A&M shock Alabama on Saturday in a game that went down to the wire.

Alabama was due to lose, and they did on the big stage and at the wrong time of the season.

The Tide still could came back to win the national title, but it won't happen.

The title this year should be in the hands of a PAC-12 school -- the Oregon Ducks.

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