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Yes, extend 30 mph speed limit farther out on West Main Street

Nov 16, 2012 - Tina Haight, Riverton


Let me say that I agree absolutely and 100 percent with Mr. Steven R. Peck's editorial opinion on lowering the speed limit to 30 mph on West Main in Riverton all the way out to College View Drive, past the stoplight ,and right up to Hill Street. There is a lot of traffic there now, what with the hospital, the career center, the high school, the middle school, Brunton and the new street setup leading into the college campus. And there is lots of residential around there too.

To tell the truth, I think you could argue that the 30 mph could be kept in effect clear out to the airport turnoff, which is about where the city limits start.

With all this talk about highway safety at the other end of town at Honor Farm Road, the West Main part is even busier, with lots more places where people are slowing down and turning, including school buses.

If little Shoshoni can start the 30 mph speed limit while you're still out in the country, Riverton should have 30 mph well farther out on West Main than is there now.

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