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We all 'pay the price' when crime suspects are allowed to plead to lesser charges

Nov 25, 2012 - Linda Croteau, Riverton


This is in response to what I've been reading in the papers. Is life really so cheap that people can shoot someone in the back, or kill people in their sleep and then start a house on fire, and then plead down because our laws won't back up and hold these people to account for all they have done?

Shame on our courts, shame on our lawyers, and shame on those peep that are getting away with all kinds of crimes.

The people that commit these horrible crimes should not be able to plead down. They committed these unspeakable acts, then cop to lesser charges?

That's not the way it should go. If you can do a crime, then you should do the full time.

The con job of "my upbringing was crap" just does not cut it. I know a lot of people whose childhood sucked, and none them every shot anyone in the back or killed people in their sleep or planned to do anything to harm another person.

Note to all: If we let our courts and lawyers cheapen the lives of those who have been harmed or killed by people of any age, and all they get is a plead-down slap on the hand, we are all going to pay the price.

When these people get out, guess where they are coming back to. Take the full force of the laws and courts and keep the rest of us safe.

Life should not be so cheap. What it if was your daughter, son, father or mom?

Think about it.

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