Riverton police investigating rash of recent vandalism cases in city

Feb 29, 2012 By Christina George, Staff Writer

The Riverton Police Department is investigating a slew of recent vandalism incidents that involve various types of damage throughout the city.

RPD Capt. C.T. Smith said the agency responded to 14 reports of vandalism in a single week earlier this month and has been pursuing the case since then.

Smith said some of the cases possibly could be connected, but most of the reports do not appear to be the work of a single group or individual. For example, there were different themes and colors of paint used in some graffiti incidents.

"We do not want to make the individuals famous by specifying what exactly was spray painted, but there are no known specific gang-related threats marked out by the vandal" or vandals, Smith said in a news release.

The vandalism occurred in both residential and commercial areas, including Central Wyoming College and City Park on Federal Boulevard.

Smith said several buildings, such as the administration and PBS facilities and a sign at the college were spray-painted.

Paint has been sprayed on abandoned vehicles, a Dumpster and building structures.

And it's not just spray paint, Smith said.

There have been reports of vehicles pelted with eggs, garbage containers pushed out into alleyways, a stop sign pushed over, vehicle tires slashed, a window shot out, possibly with a BB gun, markers used on the skate ramp at the park and plastic fence slats removed.

"It was all over," Smith said about where the vandal or vandals struck. "This is a lot that is not consistent with one group that goes through. It's very unusual."

Smith said the RPD has not identified a suspect or suspects, and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Riverton police at 856-4891.

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