The way it was: Miners and veterans -- 1973

Dec 2, 2012 Staff

Fremont County resident had their eyes to the skies in the holiday season of 1973, watching for the promised appearance of Comet Khohoutek overhead. The celestial visitor materialized, but was not nearly sos bright in the sky as advertised.

Among the earthly concerns of the season was an award presented to uranium mining giant Federal American Partners by the Riverton American Legion.

The Legion's National Economic Commission recognized Federal American Partners for its

\contribution to the local economy and for its employment of veterans at the big mine in the Gas Hills east of Riverton.

From left, Franceis Hruza and Paul Hughes of Riverton American Legion Pozt 19, Tom Hill of Federal American Partners, and Vernon "Pike" Weber of Legion Post 19, pictured on Dec. 11, 1973.

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