City approves Gardens North assessment, eyes modular school building

Dec 4, 2012 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Riverton City Council adopted Resolution No. 1262 on Tuesday, which would help ensure property owners pay assessment costs for the Gardens North Special Improvement District. The program looks into the operation and installation of a wastewater removal system at Gardens North, an area north of Riverton that is outside of city limits.

A total of 160 properties are in this area, and they�re assessed through the city. The cost of the assessment is to be paid by the home owners and title companies. The approval of this resolution will ensure payment is received and that the proper paperwork is filed.

A memorandum of understanding is already in effect that makes sure property owners know what the project does and how much it will cost them.

The total cost of the improvement project was roughly $320,000. The amount received from a grant was $275,000, and Fremont County paid $15,000. A balance of approximately $30,000 is owed from 162 properties, which works out to about $183 per property.

Surplus building

The council also discussed possible uses for a building owned by Fremont County School District 25.

The building is a 840-square foot modular structure from 1976 that has two office spaces, one restroom and a reception area.

The building, located in the parking lot of Rendezvous Elementary School, previously was being used by maintenance staff now are based in a different location.

Fremont County government also has expressed interest in the structure.

The school district wrote in a letter to Mayor Ron Warpness that the building will have to be moved by whomever purchases it.

The city council had three suggestions for how the building could be used: a safe and separate eating area for water treatment plant employees, extra space at the airport, or additional office space for Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center employees.

Airport board

The council voted to establish a local airport board officially in city code.

The board, which already meets regularly and has existed for years, will continue to do so to discuss and improve the Riverton Regional Airport and to inform the council of any plans or studies the airport conducts.

The Riverton Municipal Code ordinance reads, �The adoption of this ordinance would simply solidify this current practice and

establish the board pursuant to the number of members, terms, duties, responsibilities, etc.� Four-year terms were confirmed for five members.

The council suggested members should come from other cities in Fremont County, not only from Riverton. Council members also recommended the board consist of six members instead of five.

Catering permits

Councilwoman Mary Ellen Christensen proposed an agenda item for a future council meeting, requesting that the city clerk and administrative services offices issue catering permits without needing approval from the city council.

Christensen said she has received complaints from people who say the permits take too long to be approved.

She also said recent changes have brought about other benefits.

�I really believe that it promotes responsible alcohol consumption,� Christensen said. �The purpose of the permits now ... is to keep people safe.�

She also said it �promotes the local business economy.�

Christensen said this idea shouldn�t cause a problem because permits rarely have been denied.

The council agreed to include this item on the agenda for a future city council meeting.

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