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All Obama does is 'run his mouth'

Dec 4, 2012 - Dan Wimp, Riverton


Obama is for himself, no one else. Are you people too stupid to believe his lies?

Obama has done nothing for this country which he does not care. You people can�t wake up and see the truth.

What is wrong with you people? Obama is a liar and you are going to sit back and believe his lies.

Every time he opens his mouth it is lies. He is nothing but a big mouth.

Obama should think about the USA that is suppose to be president of not other countries. Obama is a crook and a gangster. What�s the matter you afraid to impeach Obama or want him to ruin our country some more.

All Obama does is run his mouth.

Impeach him now. Don�t let him ruin us or drilling or coal. This is our country not his, go home to Kenya Obama.

Obama is not my president I did not vote for him. He don�t own our homes or vehicles.

I do not follow his orders.

He will not tell us what to do. He is ruining this country even more.

Obama is not creating jobs like he said he would. He took them away in its first place and sent them overseas Obama.

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