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House eyes records bill

Mar 1, 2012 - Associated Press

CHEYENNE (AP) -- Events on the 13th day of the Budget Session of the Wyoming Legislature, Wed., Feb 29, 2012:

PUBLIC RECORDS: The House gave preliminary approval to a bill that would refine definitions of public records and make other changes to the law that allows public inspection of records.

REDISTRICTING: The Senate for the second time voted to approve the legislative

redistricting bill. The Senate has not amended the bill since it passed the House.

GAME AND FISH: The House gave preliminary approval to a Senate bill that would allow the state game and fish commission to set specifications for guns, ammunition and archery equipment that can be used to hunt particular species of game animals. The specifications are currently set in state law. The bill also would allow the commission to permit the baiting of big game animals in some circumstances, which sponsors say is necessary to deal with deer herds that can crowd into towns at some times of year.

ELK LICENSES: The Senate for the second time voted in favor of a bill to repeal the limitation on the number of elk licenses a hunter may have. State law currently sets the limit at two per season, but proponents of the bill say it's necessary to kill more cow elk in some areas to avoid overpopulation.

DUI PENALTIES: The Senate for the second time voted to advance a bill that would raise the penalties for people who receive a fourth conviction for driving under the influence from a maximum of two years up to a maximum of seven years in prison.

POST OFFICE CLOSURES: The Senate shot down a proposed joint resolution that would have called on Congress to issue a moratorium on closing any post offices in the state. The resolution already had passed in the House.

ETHANOL TAX CREDIT: The House gave preliminary approval to a bill that would repeal the gasoline tax credit for ethanol producers.

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