Solar power options might get a look from city

Dec 12, 2012 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Riverton mayor Ron Warpness is proposing a push for solar power on city property.

The city council agreed Dec. 4 to add this topic to the agenda for a future city council meeting.

The mayor said the city might save money with some solar installations, as it currently spends about $500,000 annually on electric bills.

His proposal suggested that sunlight in the city could be sufficient to power sewer plant, airport, water treatment plant, and some park lighting.

Warpness suggested starting the investment on smaller projects and then gradually progress to bigger ones, using the savings to fund the larger installations.

He noted that a Lander company is gaining experience with solar power and could inform the city about solar options.

Public Services director Bill Urbigkit said grants are available that can assist in the costs of solar power projects.

Urbigkit and the mayor suggested placing a solar power tower on locations with the highest altitudes in the city such as near the water treatment plant so they can grab the most sunlight.

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