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Discussion of modular building has been fun

Dec 12, 2012 - Steve Powers, Henderson, Nev.


I know this is not a very important opinion in the scheme of everything, but I have had fun reading about the old "modular" building in the school parking lot that now is in high demand from the county and the city.

I was a student at Riverton Junior High back in the 1970s when they brought that thing in. As I recall, there was at least one more back then, and maybe even three of them.

I had a class in there, an early computer class if I recall. I always liked going out to the "shed," because it was like we got to leave school. But there were kids in there who hated it. It did seem crowded, and I remember it being really hot sometimes.

But it was fun and different, and the school period always was a little shorter because of the time it took to get out to it and then back to the big school.

I was in Riverton over Thanksgiving and read about the county looking at taking it over, as well as the city, and it brought a smile to my face to remember my days as a junior high kid at that school and the times we got to walk right out the door of the school in the middle of the day when it wasn't even lunchtime, and not get into trouble.

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