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Love stories

Feb 2, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

If you're lucky in life, then you have a love story. We'd like to hear it.

Over the past few days you may have seen our advertisement asking "Do you remember when you met the person who made your heart skip a beat?"

We're collecting answers to that question and plan to publish them on Valentine's Day. Please consider participating.

Not every love story is a love-at-first-sight proposition. You might not have appreciated the man in your life the first time you saw him. Or the woman in your life might not have made much of an impression when you met. It might have taken some time for things to ripen on the vine. If that describes you, then you might have a good story. Tell it.

Other love stories definitely are the stuff of fireworks and ringing bells. The first time you laid eyes on her, you knew. The moment you met him, you wanted there to be many more moments. Consider such circumstances the stuff of good love stories.

Some love stories start out as one-sided situations that develop from there. Who is that guy who walks down the street at the same time every day? Who do I know who can introduce me to that girl I've been noticing? Is there a way to "accidentally" be in the same place at the same time? Why didn't I talk to him more yesterday? Next time I see her, I'll say something.

However you got together, we invite you to write it down. Shoot for no more than 250 words. If we get enough responses, we'll devote a page or two of The Ranger to them on Valentine's Day. For the non-romantic among you, that's Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Ranger reporter Emily Etheredge has taken on the duty of collecting your love stories. To do justice to the project, we need to have them in hand no later than noon Monday, Feb. 13. We'd like to have at least 20 stories to make it worthwhile. If we get 10 times that, so much the better.

And, yes, we want you to include your name. That's what makes it your story. No anonymous submissions please.

We'll accept them any way we can get them, as long as they are in writing. Drop your story off at our newspaper office, 421 E. Main St. in downtown Riverton or mail it to "Emily Love" at The Ranger, P.O. Box 993, Riverton WY 82501. We're happy to accept e-mail as well. Zap it to fremont Mention "Emily Love" in the subject line.

We're looking forward to this fun project. Please be our partner in presenting a Ranger Valentine to the community.

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