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Slower speed limits would 'really help' at Honor Farm, Hill Street

Dec 20, 2012 - Derrick Ehmler, Riverton


I drive from Riverton to Shoshoni and back all the time. To me, the biggest problem with the road along the Honor Farm intersection is the speed. I am pulling a heavy truck on the way out of town a lot of the time, and when I don't speed up fast enough the other cars stand on the accelerator and get by me and get up to 65-70 mph as soon as they can..

and coming back into town the other way, I have to slow my truck down pretty far ahead of the speed change if i don't want to ride my brakes. the same thing happens with the cars who want to keep going 65-70 right up until the very last second. I can't really blame them because the speed limit at that intersection is 65 on the highway (which we all know means more like 70-75 for a lot of drivers.

So I see a lot of speed on that part of the road all the time. I do not see why they still allow the speed limit to be so fast out there when there are so many wrecks. Why not 55 or even 45? Casper does it, and even Shoshoni does it.

And while I am thinking about it, the same thing is true on West Main by the college. I drive my truck that direction a lot also, and there is way more traffic coming on and off West Main than there ever used to be, even when you get past the Major Drive turn.

With all the kids and parents coming in form the side streets of those newer neighborhoods, it is a real issue before you get to the college, where it is a lot busier too with the College hill housing up there by Hill Street.

Take it from a guy who drives pretty much for a living, slower speed limits would really help (and enforcing them too).

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