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Dear Santa ... (part two)

Dec 23, 2012 - Santa letter writers

Jarryd Warns The

Roof Is Slippery

Dear Santa,

Please give me a Batman toy with a motorcycle. I want a Sponge Bob toy. Mommy wants a ...

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Jarryd Warns The Roof Is Slippery Dear Santa, Please give me a Batman toy with a motorcycle. I want a Sponge Bob toy. Mommy wants a pretty ring and a necklace with a gangster on it. Xavier wants a necklace. He wants a basket ball on it. Santana wants a gangster hat, Parris wants new girl shoes. Get Jaydakay new shoes too. Jr. wants some cool gloves and some shoes cuz my mom can't find him some. Baby sister Riley want some boots. Get "Old Grandma" new shoes and big gloves. Uncle Dunie wants a dog necklace. I will leave the door open for Santa to come in. Be careful cuz it's slippery up on the roof. You might fall and hit the dogs and they will bite him. I will leave Santa cookies and milk for the deers and Santa. I want a ride on your sleigh, Santa. I play toys, games at Phillips house and I come home. I'm good. I love you, Santa. Love, Jarryd Washington Age 5 Jesse Thinks Reindeer Eat Hotdogs And Icecream Dear Santa, Can you bring me a guitar and a piano and a microphone? I Want a real gold fish. Bring my mommy a shirt and a brush for her hair. My daddy likes a CD and a guitar for him. Will you bring Bennie a batman toy and some drums. Auntie Terri want glasses so she can see. Auntie Nona wants a brush for her hair too. Come in the big window in the living room. I have a whole bunch of candy canes. Does Santa like pop or water? I will give him Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up and ice cream. They are under the tree. I think reindeers eat hot dogs and ice cream and 7-Up. Is your house red, Santa? I want to go to your house and see in the door. I'm gonna be sleeping at my house. I have kisses and hugs for Santa. Love, Jesse YellowBear-Moss Age 4 Tyce Wants A Black Dragon Ninja Toy Dear Santa, Please bring me a Ninja toy; it is a black dragon. I want a Michelangelo Ninja turtle. My mommy wants a purse and my uncle Jr. wants a batman game. Get my baby brothers a bottle of juice. Grandpa needs a new coat and grandma needs a new coat too. I will leave my door open so you can get in. I will put a candy cane under the Christmas tree for you to eat. Your reindeer probably eat doggy food. I will leave some on the grass for the reindeer to eat. Do the elves make me toys? I want to give Santa a hug. I don't fight other kids. I am good. Good bye Santa. Love, Tyce Hereford Age 4 Nyrene Will Leave Milk And Cookies On The Table Dear Santa, Please bring me a big doll house. I just want 1 thing. Can you bring my daddy a brand new janitor (generator) for our trailer to make the power work. Bring my sister Brandy some make-up and my other sister Jasmine some brand new contacts. Bring Nate a brand new bag and bag for Joshua too. Knock on the door and my mom will let you in. I will put Christmas cookies and milk with the cookies on the table. I will put some water outside so your reindeer can drink it. Do the elves live at the North Pole with you Santa? I listen to my teachers at school and I help my mommy clean up at home. I love you Santa and the Elves. Love, Nyrene Arthur Age 4 Jaydakay Asks Santa To Draw Clifford The Big Red Dog Dear Santa, Please bring me a Barbie doll with a red dress and yellow hair. Bring my mommy a pink dress and my daddy wants a hat. Please bring Xavier a Christmas toy and Parris a blanket so she can sleep with Santa Claus. I want Jarryd to get a toy car. Get Jr. a little toy and Riley a little toy too. My mom will open the door for Santa Claus and he can sleep in my room. I will put a chocolate candy bar in my bed for Santa to eat. I will put some dog food under the couch for the reindeer to eat. Do Santa's elves wear hats? Will you draw a picture of Clifford the Big Red Dog for my dog Daisy and Tank? I clean the table all by myself after everybody eats. I'm a good girl. Love, Jaydakay Albright Age 4 Cameron Has A Pineapple For Santa Dear Santa, I need a Buzz Light year that has a shell and a gun and then we move it's fingers and thumbs and it's shoulder and his arms and his knees and his nother knees and his legs. Please bring Kyden that Hot Wheels. That's all that matters. He could come in the door. He can fit in the door. A pineapple and a pie and cookies for Santa. Some fruit and some oranges and some salad for the reindeer. Please could I have a Buzz Light year? Ask Alford for elves. I'm done. Thank you for asking me. I been nice. I really been nice to Kyden. I did him a favor. Love, Cameron Ridge Bear Age 4 Gabriella Asks Santa To Come In The Window Dear Santa, I want Toy Story III, a boy hat and a girl hat, um, a boy bull's eye. My dad he wants bigger toys. He likes big toys. My mom she wants girl toys. She's my mom. My sisters they like girl toys. I've been nice. I said sorry for being mean. I'm sorry for pushing my little sister. He can come in if I open my window. I can open it big - I can't open the door cuz it's too hard. The door's not locked at my house. It ain't. Santa, I'm gonna give him Santa Claus food. I know what I can bring for the reindeer - reindeer food! How do you know the toys for the toys that are real? If they're not real then I'm gonna have to bring 'em fake food. One more thing for the toys - um, if they're real bring 'em real food. Love, Gabriella Headley Age 4 Amani Knows The Elves Make The Toys Dear Santa, I want a bike for 1 Barbie doll and I want a big bike for me too. And I want a house with a Barbie and a car too. And the next thing I want is a park with a slide and steps, monkey bars and a swing. Chloe wants a vest and a Barbie doll and baby and a little house and a dad and a mom. Jacee wants a big jacket. She wears a size 8. My dad wants a new bed and a TV and my mom wants a big thing like for DVD's. I been nice. I been making people my friends and stuff and thy been playing with me. Santa's gonna come to my house and go by the Christmas tree and put the presents. We're gonna make cookies for Santa Claus. We're gonna put food for the reindeers and milk and cookies in a big bowl. I know how he makes his toys - the elves make em. I'm gonna leave a note for him on my door. Love, Amani Iron Cloud Age 5 Ellehondra Will Have Apples For Santa And The Reindeer Dear Santa, A Barbie. A Barbie, yeah. My Grandma wants a purse. A hat for dad. They want a hat. Nice. I don't got a chimney. Him's comin to my house. Apples for Santa. Apples for reindeer. A princess list. A house. Love, Ellehondra Aragon Age 4 Jordyn Wants Makeup For Grandma And Aunts Dear Santa, A Barbie doll, please or thank you. Maybe a castle for Elle. Her wanta get boots. (mom). Maybe a make-up (grandma). My aunts maybe make-up. Nice, um, I ate a popsicle. Maybe that's good. Maybe I can see himĚ outside. Just cookies over the table. The reindeers food. I want him (Santa) to stay outside til I wait for him. Love, Jordynn Aragon Age 4 Tayshaun Is On Santa's Good List Dear Santa, A Batman costume for me, please. I want him to bring my baby sister a butterfly costume. Mom and Dad, they don't want costumes. They just don't want anything. I'm on the nice list. I want to be nice to them and I want Santa to bring me presents. He's gonna knock on the door - my mom's gonna open the door and I'm gonna sleep and he's gonna put my presents under the tree. Y eah I'm gonna get cookies and milk for him. His reindeers are gonna stay outside and maybe Santa can bring 'em old food, cuz reindeers don't eat anything. I want to get toys from Santa, please. I not on his naughty list. I on his good list. Thank you. Love, Tayshaun Brown Age 4 Tommy Will Leave Chili For Santa Dear Santa, I want a Christmas I-POD with snow flakes. I want a fluffy car, a fluffy alligator, a fluffy truck, and a fluffy shark. Aden likes a monster truck, one please. I'm gonna put all that stuff in there and my grandpa would like a new rope and my grandma wants a brand new towel. I will leave my window open and Santa will leave all the presents and Santa will give me another toy. A trampoline and my brother a wrist watch. Chili for Santa on my window-no leave it in my room. I'm gonna feed em reindeer food and reindeer water. I been nice. Not bein bad. I bein nice sittin down and being still. I wake up and shower, put my clothes on and see Santa at my window. I want to know do the elves start with a T like me? Santa will see me at the beach and he can play with me and be fat and good and I take a picture. That's it! Love, Tommy Cruz Age 4 A Real Pony And A Fake Ladybug For Hayden, Please Dear Santa, A pony for me, Santa. I want a real pony. And I want Teddy bears. I want a lady bug. Not a real one a fake one. I want a game too. My brothers said they want a white board. Then my other brother wants a Rind of game liRe teddy bear game. Mom wants balloons. Dad a gun, areal gun so he can shoot dogs cuz they're being mean to the horses and the cows. How about my horse, he wants a ball and a bone and my cow wants milR. Nice. I'm pretty and soft. Thanks for buying my coat and my pony. I want a coat for my pony and a blanket and a bed for my pony and a teddy bear for my pony. He's (Santa) gonna walk through the door - I'm gonna unlock the door. I gonna leave cookies for Santa and the reindeers gonna drink water and I gonna get water for Santa. I love you Santa Claus. You're the best Santa Claus ever. Love, Hayden Goggles Age 4 Kayden Asks For Thomas The Train Dear Santa, I wanna get Thomas the Train for Christmas. And I wanna get train tracks. Thomas train tracks. And Spencer the train. Please Santa bring a Barbie for Kayleene. Yeah I was nice. I was makin a good choice not a bad choice. In the stove, oh wait ... he gets in the fireplace where we burns our woods at. And bring me a present. We make gingerbread man for Santa. I'm gonna make Santa's reindeers horns for food. Toy shop. Does he make those toys to fix? I'm gonna make his bag he puts on his shoulder. I gonna make it for him. Thank you. Love, Kayden Primeaux Age 4 Aljay Asks For A Black Ninja Mask For Himself And His Twin Dear Santa, I want a toy motorcycle and I want the light in the back to come on. I want that thing that makes smoke come out the back of the motorcycle. I wana black ninja mask. Bring my mommy a rainbow toy and a Barbie and a rainbow duck that lights up in the dark at night time. My daddy wants a skeleton toy cuz his old one got broken. My dad wants the same fire coat like me. By brother Brad wants a real monster truck. Will you bring Rocko a black ninja turtle and I want one like Rocko's cuz we are twins. If you come to my house I will leave the door unlocked. I will leave you some hot chocolate cookies and some hot chocolate with marshmallows on the table. We'll get a great big old chair for you, Santa. I'll get some reindeer food at Walmart for the reindeer to eat. I'm going to sleep in the living room under my blankets and wait for Santa. So that's it ...I'm done. Love, Aljay Big Hair Age 5 Ron Helped Cameron Stay In The Lines Dear Santa, I want Halo Mega blocKs then I want a different Halo. Then I want a airplane with the Bazookas and the armies. Then I want a Ninja turtle, a red one then a blue one and a orange one. My sister wants a doll and my brother wants a Halo like Jayden and me. And I want Halo Mega blocks for Jayden so when you turn on the thing and pick up the controller and shoot those other guys before they shoot you. I want my brother to help me put the Halo Legos on the pieces that you do so when the monster comes you have to shoot him. I want my dad to get a lotta stuff where he works at the casino. I want my mom to work and bring her a lotta stuff like my dad. We used to lock the door but when Santa come he has to knock and we'll let him in. I'm gonna leave a banana and food and apple. Does Santa like apples? Tell him, "Do you like apples?" I want to give the reindeer a lotta new nose and it will glow and you gotta get a paper towel to wipe your face and play a lot of reindeer games. I was nice to Cordell. I play with him when I colored. I was nice to Cameron. He said he couldn't draw right so I said I'd help him stay in the lines. Yeah the toys I want him to hive to all the kids. I want Cordell to get Halo. I wanta say bye to Santa Claus. Your middle name is Santa and first name is Santa Claus. Are you real or fake? Love, Ron McElroy Age 5 Parlayne Thinks Santa Likes Salad Dear Santa, I want a Angry Bird Star Wars, a game on my I-PAD. Please, I will have my own toys. I want Diggers-they got like a circle. It makes the water and makes the road and the cars get right there and the diggers get almost. Gordon likes Legos. My mom, her likes rings. My dad likes his basketballs. For Elson a nerf gun you shoot outside and you hide in the trees and say shh, shh, shh. For Kelynn a bike. He didn't have a bike before. Santa, knock on the door and Santa will come and Santa will ride his sleigh to the North Pole. He's gonna get in the chimney and after that, fire will bum and Santa will appear and Santa's comin in the door. Oh, I get it! He likes lunch. I think Santa likes salad - my mom likes salad. I think he will turn green if he eats salad. I think he likes pancakes. Grass for the reindeer. I want to ride on Santa's sleigh and we went up in the sky and then Santa take us home. Oh yeah. I have a grandma way over the hill in New Zealand. Pillows, new pillows to clean and pictures for her. Tell Santa I said Thank you. Love, Parlayne Ferris Age 4 Kelynn Says Santa Has A Belly Dear Santa, I want a Batman. Darwin wants a monster like this like fights Batman and puts his hand on his mouth and pulls hair. My mom wants a big present for Christmas. He got big belly, Santa. Do he have swords? Big swords? Through the window, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 .... Santa, I want the bunny do this-a tree for Christmas; Candies for Santa, reindeers eat snow, yeah reindeers eat snow. Santa to eat candies. 5 Candies. I been good, nice. My brother being nice to me. Love, Kelynn Mount Age 4 Cordell Wants To Know Why Elves Have Pointy Ears Dear Santa, I want a Toy Story game. Thank you. And Woody, a big Woody, he's not that big though and I want Jessie. I want my sister to get a tea set for Hailey and Heaven cuz they are girls. I want my brother to get some horses and cows that they can ride on. Little ponies for them and me and my brother are going to get big horses. Shirts and pants for my mom. I want my dad to get basketball trunks and shoes and me basketball shirts and trunks and shoes. Santa can come in through the chimney; the top. Cookies and I'm gonna leave his deers some water and some cookies too on the table. When I wake up, I'm gonna eat cookies with him. I'm gonna get that orange gun and those balls that are In their when you shoot them they break. It's a fake one. Nice cuz I gave that game to Braydon cuz he was askin nicely. How come his elves have pointy ears? I believe him and I want him to come to my house. Love, Cordell Spoonhunter Age 5 Dinayla Will Leave Spaghetti For The Reindeer Dear Santa, I love Santa Claus's reindeers. I would like a Barbie doll for Christmas please. And I want a make-up set. My dad likes guns. He wants a gun for Christmas. My mom wants bead in a bag so I can wrap it up. Rosie likes Barbie dolls. Please bring my grandma Anna some earrings. I want my brother to get cars cuz he likes cars. His name is Delbert. He likes Toy Story III movies too. Use your magic to com in the walls at my house. I want to give you eggs on the table to eat. And some apple juice to drink. I will give your reindeer spaghetti and milk. I will leave it outside cuz the reindeer are too big to come in to my house. Do the elves make the toys and do they wrap them up to put in Santa's bag? I would like to have Santa Claus make me a Santa hat like Ms. Hoffman's and a Santa outfit and an angel hat and angel dress and angel slippers like Ms. Hoffman's. And cool earrings like Ms. Hoffman's. And I want a treasure chest with lots of jewelry in it. I love you Santa. Love, Dinayla Augustine Age 5 Irene Asks For A Sparkly Pillow For Her Mom Dear Santa, I want a game fly please. I want a dream light, a doggy one and a doggy one for my baby sister Stormi Winter LeClair. Can you bring Tristen a boy dream light. Bring my mom a pretty sparkly pillow. I want a puzzle too. I want grandma Arline to get a pillow pet. A cat one cuz her real cat died. Santa, come in the fire place. I won't burn you. Me and grandma and Tristen are going to make Christmas cookies for you, Santa and water to drink. I will put them in the kitchen-so make sure you go in the kitchen Santa. I will make reindeer cookies with shiny noses for the reindeer to eat. What do the elves and reindeer do at the North Pole? I want a swimming pool. You can put it in the garden cuz the garden is dead. I have hugs for you Santa. Love, Irene Brown Age 4 Hamburger Helper Will Be Waiting At Nico's House Dear Santa, I want big toy trucks that go around. Thank you. Bring my mommy a coffee cup and my daddy wants a Hummer, cuz his car is broken. Bring cars like me for my brothers and girl back packs for my sister. Press those buttons to open the door and then come in. I will leave apples and hamburger helper for you to eat, Santa. I have soda for you to drink. The reindeer can eat some bread. Do those guys, elves have toys in there? Do your reindeer like fry bread? My grandma Francine will make you some fry bread. I love you Santa. Love, Nicholas (Nico) Brown Age 4 Samuel Wants A Puzzle For His Mom Dear Santa, Bring me a Up toy. Mommy likes to do eagle puzzles - bring her a puzzle. Daddy likes a football. Bring Matthew John a car toy. Oshianna wants a snake toy. Cheyenna wants a monster toy. I will leave the door unlocked so you can come in. I have some chips and pumpkin pie to eat. The reindeer can come in my house and eat cereal. Do the elves live at the North Pole, too? Love, Samuel Charging Crow Age 4 Ronaldo Just Wants Legos Dear Santa, Give me Legos please and thank you. That's all. My mom wants a pumpkin pie to eat. My dad want a monster game. Shantee wants basketball shoes. Avannah wants a red blocks to make a house. Carlos wants a bike. Bring grandma present with a puppy in it. Grandpa wants a cowboy hat. I will leave the door unlocked so you can come in. I will leave a cheeseburger and fries and root beer for you to eat in the kitchen. The reindeer can eat bread. How do the reindeer fly? I will try to be nice at school. I am nice at my home. Love, Ronaldo Menjivar Age 5 Use The Magic Key At Takara's House Dear Santa, Can your elves make me some Lego friends? I love Lego friends. I want a Barbie house too. My mom wants a tree house, a big one so I can go see her in it. My sister RayRay wants a Dora house. Grandma wants a big tree house too and grandpa wants tools to build a tree house for my mom and grandma. Use your magic key to put presents in the tree house. I will leave hot cocoa and cookies on the table for you to eat and some pizzas with pepperonis for the reindeer. I am a good girl. I be nice to Amani and all my friends. I love you. Love, Takara Ferris Age 5 Julius Will Leave Stickers For Santa Dear Santa, I want a toy dog with a cowboy and some steers. I want some army guys cuz Ronaldo comes to my house to play sometime. Grandma likes new earrings and grandpa wants a new gun cuz he likes to go shooting some deer, some elk and some antelope. Buel John likes new boy earring and purple braces cuz they are cool. My mom actually likes a new basketball and a new jersey and she's #1! My daddy IiRes a new basketball and new shoes. NiRe ones. My grandpa in Africa used to be a basketball coach and he wants some new basketball shoes. I will leave the door open so you can get in Santa. I will leave some stickers and cookies and some stickers and reindeer cookies for reindeer. And when I watch Max and Ruby-Santa likes chocolate milk too. I share toys with my friends and I sleep with my brother Buel John. How do Santa and the elves make the toys. Love, Julius Jarvis Age 5 Kimora Wants A Purple Bike Dear Santa, I want a bike please, I want a purple one. A doll, a rainbow one. I like reindeers. I love 'em cuz I didn't got one. Make-up for my mom, please. My dad could have a boy perfume. Soap in her sink for grandma. A teddy bear, pink for auntie Bella. Um, auntie Bella has a mom. Santa, come in the door. My grandma's door is locked, my grandma will open it. Chicken and fries, cookies, milk, chicken nuggets. I'm gonna leave that food at him home for Santa. Little porky pines for reindeer. Please, I get something? I've been good. I've been fun. I've been sad. I got happy now. My mom, I been nice to my mom. Fun! Hugs! I love you. Love, Kimora Washakie Age 5 Jonelle Would Like A Pet Pig Dear Santa, How are you doing? I have been a good girl this year. I did my chores all year without being asked. I would like a pig for Christmas because pigs are cute. Pigs and I like mud. I like pigs, they are my favorite pet. For someone else to have a good Christmas please give a present to my mom, a necklace because she's a good mom. Have a great Christmas, Santa. Sincerely, Jonelle Pisano Rianne Has Been A Good Girl Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I think I have been a good girl this year and I am on the nice list. I always help my mom take care of my baby sister. I also help my mom go grocery shopping. For Christmas I would like a Nintendo 3DS and a 3DS game called Mario Kart. I will share my gift with my big sister. Merry Christmas! I want to do something nice for my neighbor. I will make them a star for their tree. Have a Merry Christmas. Rianne Enos Santa's Elves Are In Frank's Closet Dear Santa, How are you? I am fine. I have been a good boy this year. I have done the dishes and cleaned my room all year. I would like Call of Duty black ops 2 please. I want it because I have been a very good boy. I will bake cookies for some people I know. I would shovel my neighbors drive way to help them out. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Frank Armajo PS- get your elves out of my closet please! Chaumbrey Wants A Wrestler Toy For His Collection Dear Santa. How are your reindeer? I have been a good boy this year. I do my chores all year without being asked. I would like a Heath Sladder Wrestler toy with a ladder to come with it. I am going to put him with my collection of wrestlers. I want to do something nice for my grandma and make her cookies. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas, Santa! Have a great day! Sincerely, Chaumbrey Romero Joelle Will Shovel Her Neighbor's Walk Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I think I have been good this year and on the nice list. I help my Mom put away the groceries. For Christmas I want a MP3 player for Christmas. So I can listen to music. I will shovel my neighbor's walk way. Sincerely, Joelle Pierre Darron Wants An Ipad Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? I have been a good boy this year. I do my chores all year without being asked. And for Christmas I want an IPad. I will shovel my neighbors drive way. That is what I want for Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Darron F. A Mini Motorcycle Is On Isaac's List Dear Santa, How you doing? I have been a good boy. I washed my dishes and been good. What I want for Christmas is a mini motorcycle, because it is fast. I want to go to Hines. I helped an elderly woman cross the street to make her Christmas safer. Sincerely, Isaac Spoonhunter Evelynn's Good Deed Is Helping Grandma Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I think I have been good this year and on the nice list. I have done my chores and watch my brother when my grandma goes to the casino. I did nice things for my grandma line do the dishes and do laundry for her. I want a Ipod because it has music on it and games that's what I want for Christmas. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Evelynn McLeod X-Box 360 On Layne's List Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am doing good. What I want to get for Christmas is a Xbox 360, and a Halo 4 game, and a controller to go with it. I want to do something nice for my Jojo by making her cookies and make her a cup of hot chocolate. Thank you, Santa. Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Layne Trelah Will Leave Cookies For Santa Dear Santa, How are you? I doing good this year. How is Mrs. Claus, doing fine I hope. Do you like chocolate chip cookies? I will leave some out for you. I want to do something nice for my Mom and I will make her cookies and hot cocoa for all she has done for me. I would like a skylanders giant legos for Christmas because I was really good. Sincerely, Trelah Bell Allie's Family Wants To Visit North Pole Dear Santa. What kind of cookies do you like? How big is your slay to carry all of those presents? Can my family come to the north pole with you? This year may you bring me a telescope and I don't know what elsejust saprise me. Love, Allie Atnip Pecos S. Wants A Horse Toy Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Pecos. You are nice. Will you bring me a horse toy? My brother wants a robot. I like your reindeer. I will leave milk and cookies for you. Thank you, Pecos S. Anessa W. Promises To Share Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Anessa. I want Barbies and a Barbie house. My sister wants some paper and some crayons. I want a new little car. I will share with my sister. My mom will tell you what I want. Jared wants more cars and a new bike. When we go to sleep on Christmas we will put cookies out. My tree is outside. I am going to decorate my tree. Love, Anessa W. Marley Wants Exploding Stuffed Animal Dear Santa, I want to get a choo-choo train so I can drive it by myself. I also want a ninja turtle with a motorcycle, a stuffed animal that explodes candy everywhere, and a puffer fish to puff at my dog, and a pickle. Tell my about Rudolf. I will leave you a chocolate chip cookies and milk. I want to ride on the sleigh. Bye, Marley C. Willow J. Wonders Why Santa Is Chubby Dear Santa, My name is Willow, and I have been Good. I want a pink princess umbrella and a dolphin bike. Why are you chubby? I will leave you cookies but I don't have any reindeer food. Love, Willow J. Jaxson B. Wants A Bazooka Dear Santa, My name is Jaxson and I have been good. I like school. I want a toy bazooka. I like you Santa because you bring me presents. Would you bring my mom a necklace and a picture for my dad? I will leave you some cookies. I love you Santa. Jaxson B. Patience E. Will Leave Present For Santa. Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Patience. I would like for you to come to my house. I have a play giraffe for you. I am leaving snack cakes and pop for you. My sister Mellissa would like a purple ball and I would like a soccer ball. My brother would like a football, please. Thank you, Patience E. P.S. I like books too! Terri Would Share Gifts With Family Dear Santa, How are you doing? I am doing good. I think I have been a good boy this year. I always do my chores and help my mom clean up the house. I would like a X-Box 360 and a Call of Duty World at war game. If I get this gift I would share it with my whole family. I would make my uncle some cookies and hot chocolate so he can have a good day. Sincerely, Terri Tillman Cameron H. Gives Kitten To Santa Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Cameron. I want a big Barbie doll house with Barbies, a baby gun, and a baby reindeer. Bring a necklace for my momma and a gun for my daddy. I am going to give you a baby kitty and food for your reindeer. What do they eat? I want a little hamster. Love, Cameron H. SHANE B. PROVIDES HAY FOR THE REINDEER. Dear Santa, You are my friend. I am Shane. I will make cookies for you. I'll get hay for your reindeer. I want Call of Duty Blackhawks, X-Box, Halo, a gun, and Woody. I want to come se you in Billings and get a hug. Can I ride on your sled with you? Thank you. From, Shane B. KYLYNN G. DESIRES FAKE DOG Dear Santa, I like your reindeer. I like how they look. I am leaving cookies and milk for you. I want a fake dog, a girl chair, and a sled. Please bring my brother an X-Box, and a sleigh. My mom wants a phone. I want fake make up and an I-Pad. Love, Kylynn G. JEVON ADMIRES SANTA'S MUSTACHE Dear Santa, I like you! I want a unicorn and a whole bunch of presents. My brother wants two dogs and a ball. Grandma just wants us to behave. My mom needs a new bed. I will leave you cookies and milk. You have a good mustache and I like your reindeer. Love, Jevon A. ISABELLA M. NEEDS NEW PANTS FOR HER DAD Dear Santa, I want something for Christmas like a toy, maybe a Dora house. I would like my sister to get a baby. Will you bring me a mirror and a little Barbie? Could you get my mom a ring and new pants for my dad, and something for my grandma, maybe a ring? I put my tree up and my star and candy canes. I need a rubber band for my Barbie. Love, Isabella M. Wesley U. Wants Something For His Mom To Eat Dear Santa, I want a Batman and a Spiderman toy. I am going to play with Superman toys. Bring my dad a tree and my mom something to eat. Bring my sister a present and a toy. I want to play Star Wars. Love, Wesley U. Runningbear C. Leaves Christmas Trees For Santa Dear Santa, Santa will you give me a present? I want lots of presents under the tree. I will leave you some reindeer food and Christmas trees for you. Your sled goes up in the air. I saw you in town and told you what I wanted. Love, RunningBear C. Darion P. Wants Wal-Mart Truck Dear Santa, I want a Wal-Mart truck and a truck with a trailer, and another truck without a trailer. I am being good and doing my schoolwork. I will give you cookies and a letter in case you have a grumpy day. And I want one more thing--- something by I forgot. Love, Darion P. Sienna W. Picks A Favorite Reindeer Dear Santa, I want a Nintendo 3DS and a Barbie Dream House. I want Bratzillas too. How to you make toys? When you come to my house I will leave you cookies and milk. My favorite reindeer is the one with the shiny red nose. From, Sienna W. Abby Is Excited For Naughty/Nice List Verdict Dear Santa, How are the reindeer? Is Rudolf going along for the big trip around the world? I bet you are excited because I am, but I just want to se if I am on the naughty list or the nice list. I think I should be on the nice list because I do my chores, I listen to my mom and dad and I listen when they tell me to do my homework. That's why I should be on the nice list. But if I will be getting any presents this is the thing I really want the most. I would like a new necklace that has a locket and new earring, and for my family a new snowboard sled because and we could us it for sledding by our church. That's why I want new things for Christmas. Thanks for being so nice. Abby Sandoval Kaden Heba Inquires About Frosty The Snowman Dear Santa, How is frosty the snowman? I hope you are ok. I hope I am on the nice list. I think that I should be on the nice list because of three reasons. I take out the trash. I help my grandma bring in the groceries. I help my grandpa clean my room. I want a game called Modern Warfare 3 and a Chihuahua. I also want a cow. My brother wants a headset for an xbox 360. Thank you for reading my letter, I will leave the front door unlocked for you. Plus I will leave some milk and cookies for you. What kind of cookies do you like? I hope you like almond and chocolate chip. I could also leave a piece of pepperoni pizza for you. Thank you for your time, Kaden Hebah Jaydas Bearcomesout Wants An Ipod Dear Santa, Are your reindeers cold up in North Pole? For Christmas, I want an Ipod. My mom wants clothes, so does my grandma Delta. My dad wants a gun. My brother wants an Ironman toy. Thank you for giving me all this stuff. Your friend, Jaydas BearComesOut John Spoonhunter Wonders About Reindeer Dear Santa, My name is John Spoonhunter. I want to wish you a merry Christmas. How are you doing? How are your little elves? I want a toy airplane for Christmas. I also want a helicopter, batman toy, a cape and a fake gun. Bring my baby sister some toys or something. Give my mom a computer. Thank you, John Spoonhunter Daedra Shoyo Needs Coloring Book Dear Santa, How are you doing? What are you doing? I have been good. Can I have an animal coloring book and color craons? My mom needs a new car. My sister wants new Christmas lights and my sister Paige wants a DS because she is always playing my brother's DS. My brother wants transformer toys. Happy holidays. Your friend, Daedra Shoyo

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