Wednesday notes

Dec 26, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Headline oddity

There haven't been many editorials in this space titled "Wednesday notes," but the headline applies today because of the holiday publishing schedule that precluded a Christmas Day edition on Tuesday. We appreciated the day off in observance of Christmas.

For near-future planning, The Ranger will not publish next Tuesday, Jan. 1, New Year's Day. Our newspaper office at 421 E. Main St. in downtown Riverton will be open Monday, Dec. 31, as will Ranger Printers.

But we will be closing early, so plan to do any last-day-of-the-year photocopying, laminating, binding, custom printing and classified ad buying by 4 p.m. Monday.

We'll be back as usual Wednesday, Jan. 2, for our first newspaper of 2013.


Coming this week is our big year-end edition, in which we will present the top 10 news stories of the year in Fremont County, Wyoming, and the nation, with plenty of worldwide year-end coverage as well. Look for the big edition this Sunday, Dec. 30.

It also will feature our 12-month news chronology of 2012 in Fremont County, as well as a good selection of the Ranger's news photographs of the year. Look for special year-end pieces on the opinion and sports pages as well, including the top Fremont County sports stories of the year.

In fact, whenever and where ever we can squeeze in some kind of end-of-the-year news coverage this week, we'll do it.

It happened

On Monday, the temperature cooled and the skies darkened, and it looked as if there might be a snowstorm of sufficient strength to give the county a white Christmas -- despite predictions to the contrary in the days leading up to the holiday.

And, lo and behold, it happened.

Whatever one's definition of white Christmas -- snow on the ground, snow falling on Christmas Eve, snow falling (early) on Christmas Day, or waking Christmas morning to newly fallen snow -- Christmas 2012 covered all the bases.

And look westward to our snow-capped Wind River range. It was going to be white Christmas in the mountains regardless of what happened in the valleys. Now it's even whiter, and that bodes well for a green summer six months down the line.

Page snafu

Our apologies to Ranger readers who were confused by page A-12 in Sunday's edition. Due to a press room error, a page produced for the earlier press run of the Sunday Lander Journal was left on the press for The Ranger as well. It was a "continued from page A-1" page for the Journal -- called a "jump" in the newspaper trade, and it must have been a puzzling sight to Ranger readers to see a story on page 12 "continued" from nowhere.

Worse, our intended Ranger page A-12 contained the obituary for Mr. Donald Cavaness, whose funeral was Wednesday morning (Dec. 26). That obituary is being published today, but not in time for the funeral. Friday's death notice in our "Today in Fremont County" column did note the upcoming funeral, but the Cavaness family and our readers deserved a better performance from us on Sunday than they got on page A-12.

Christmas art, too

A lot of Ranger office attention is paid to our huge crop of letters to Santa Claus as Christmas nears, but we also thank and congratulate the hundreds of participants in our annual art contest. Not only do they compete for cash prizes and receive a full-page attention in our Christmas Greetings edition, but they also provide the art for the many Santa letters pages.

We would hate to produce the special edition without them, and we're so pleased the contest continues to generate an enthusiastic response every Christmas season. That's due in large part to the school art teachers who make time in their classrooms for students to work on contest entries.

And thanks as well to Darce Watson, Jim Hart, Ruth Urbigkeit, Luanne Luther and, most particularly, Brittany Hauge of the Ranger advertising staff for coordinating the contest this year. It was a fun one. Then again, it always is.

Reconvene, please

A national news commentator said on Christmas Eve that in the older days of Congress it would have been unthinkable for the representatives and senators to adjourn for the year-end holidays with something so momentous as the "fiscal cliff" still unresolved. But that's exactly what they have done.

Now it looks as if the best the nation can hope for is a short-term "Band-Aid" approach that will simply put off the day of reckoning on the the big federal deficit and the inevitable tax increases and spending cuts that are needed to rein it in.

The election is over, ladies and gentlemen of the Congress. Solving this problem will make voters like you.

So clue in, get busy, and do your jobs. It would be a late -- but still very much appreciated -- Christmas gift for everyone.

Here's to a good week.

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