I'll take New Year's Day over all the other holidays

Dec 27, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Some people like Christmas as their favorite holiday of the year.

Other people enjoy the big meal at Thanksgiving and spending time with the family, while catching a couple of National League Football games on television.

Then there is Easter or Halloween for the young kids as they get the candy they love to eat for the next couple of months.

But for me, the favorite holiday is New Year's Day.

Sure, the month-long college football bowl season has taken some of the hype out of the day, but it hasn't for me. And I really don't like the way the championship game is set six days after New Year's Day. I think the college football title game always should be played on New Year's Day.

The football experts need to put the big game right smack in the middle of the day, but the officials stretch things for the money and to get a higher television audience.

New Year's Day is made for a college football marathon on my television set.

The hardest part is picking what game I'm going to watch.

There are always some good matchups in the morning games that go down to the wire with teams that I don't normally pay attention to during the regular season.

That is when the remote control comes in handy.

This year, I'm going to have an eye on the Outback Bowl between South Carolina and Michigan. The other good morning game is the Capital One Bowl game between Georgia and Nebraska.

The Georgia Bulldogs came close in the SEC title game to beating Alabama, and their consolation prize is playing Nebraska.

The Bulldogs should have no problem putting up touchdown after touchdown against Nebraska.

In the afternoon, the Rose Bowl game is the best tradition college football has to offer during the regular season or in the postseason. I can't remember the last time I have missed a Rose Bowl on television.

I love seeing the PAC-12 title winner playing the Big Ten champion in the big game. It's just something every college football fans needs to watch.

My goal someday is to attend the Rose Bowl in person. I have been to a few Holiday Bowl games in San Diego and the Las Vegas Bowl, but never the Rose Bowl.

I can only wonder what it's like to be in a game with more than 100,000 screaming fans.

This year, I'm going to watch Stanford win big in California. Wisconsin is lucky to be in the Rose Bowl game this year. The Big 10 was a little down with its powerful teams.

Ohio State should have been in the game, but the Buckeyes were banned from going to a bowl contest despite running the season with a perfect record.

The day will end with Northern Illinois taking on Florida State in the Discover Orange Bowl.

The football experts say that Northern Illinois doesn't belong in a BCS game. I'll be watching the game and cheering for underdog Northern Illinois.

What ever happens on Tuesday, New Year's Day is the best holiday of the year and the perfect way to start off 2013.

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