More students in county this year; Riverton has most

Mar 4, 2012 By Christina George, Staff Writer

Overall enrollment in Fremont County's eight school districts increased by 127 students in the 2011-12 academic year compared to a year ago.

As of Oct. 1, there were 6,620 students attending schools in the county, according to a Wyoming Department of Education report.

Every fall, the department takes a snapshot of the state's 48 school districts' enrollment figures and uses the data in various ways such as funding.

The county's students population makes up 7.4 percent of Wyoming's total enrollment of 89,476 students, which is up by 1,311 students in 2010-11.

- Nearly 40 percent of students in Fremont County attend a Riverton school.

According to the WDE, there are 2,588 students enrolled in Fremont County School District 25, which is the 10th largest district statewide.

Riverton added 114 students to its enrollment books this year. The boost adds to an upward trend the district has seen the past several years.

According to the WDE, there were 2,454 students enrolled at Riverton in 2008-09. This figure grew to 2,465 kids the following year.

- Similar to Riverton, Fremont County School District 21 in Fort Washakie has also continued to experience an increase in student numbers.

In 2008-09, there were 445 students enrolled at Fort Washakie. That number climbed to 474 in 2009-10 and increased by another two students in 2010-11. The present enrollment is six students shy of the 500 mark.

- Fremont County School District 24 in Shoshoni increased from 315 students in 2010-11 to 332. The district's enrollment in the last four years has seen a mixture of ups and downs.

The WDE reported 311 students attended school in Shoshoni in 2008-09. That number fell to 293 students the following year.

- Fremont County School District 14 has maintained its student count in the 500 range. The latest data shows the district at 568 kids.

In 2008-09, there were 556 students enrolled in Wyoming Indian schools. Numbers dipped to 535 the following year, but shot back up to 563 students in 2010-11.

- At Arapahoe, Fremont County School District 38's enrollment has gone up by 60 students compared to four years ago. The most recent figure sits at 389 pupils, which is an increase from 372 in 2010-11.

In 2008-09, Arapahoe had 327 students followed by 318 kids in 2009-10.

- Lander is another district that's for the most part seen growth.

According to the WDE report, Lander's 2010-11 enrollment of 1,707 increased by three students this year.

In 2008-09, the district's enrollment was 1,671 students. The following year, the figure dropped by one.

- Fremont County School District 2's enrollment has decreased over the last few years. There were 191 students in 2008-09 and 178 in 2009-10. Figures shot back up to 195 the following year only to fall to 167 this year.

Not only is Dubois the smallest district in Fremont County, the WDE ranks it as the third smallest in the state.

- Fremont County School District 6, Wind River, decreased from 391 to 372 students. Wind River's numbers in 2008-09 were at 387 students followed by an increase to 396 kids the next year.

Wind River is the ninth smallest district in the Cowboy State.


- The WDE report includes subgroups within enrollment totals including gender, ethnicity and free and reduced lunches.

- There are more male students -- 3,445 -- than female students -- 3,175 -- attending Fremont County schools, and every district reports more boys than girls enrolled.

- American Indians make up nearly a third of the county's overall enrollment.

- All three school districts residing on the Wind River Indian Reservation reported 100 percent of their students are receiving lunch at a free or reduced price. They are the only districts in the state at 100 percent.

- Riverton has the second-highest figure at 46 percent, and Shoshoni has the lowest at 28 percent. The remaining districts range in the 30 percent area.

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